Clunk noise/ Western cable joystick?

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I own a 1996 F-150 with a 7 1/2 Western cable control. My question is When I accelerate from a complete stop, something makes a clunking sound. My only thought is that it could be u joints but they were replaced not long ago. Any ideas?

Also has anyone had a western cable-operated plow and had trouble with their stupid joystick? My btother and i solved this problem by trashing the joystick and fabricating two levers on a stand to operate angle and lift. its really a nice set-up. just wondering if anybody else had done something similar. Sorry for the long post just had lots to say. thanks in adcance.


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I had a clunk in my old truck when shifting from forward to reverse and it ended up being a worn carrier bearing in the rear end. It could be the u-joints too. Grab your driveshaft and wiggle it back and forth to see where the play is. If it's in the u-joints, you're lucky, an easy fix. If your pinion yoke is moving, then the carrier bearing is probaly the culprit. You will need a special micrometer and a little knowlege to fix that one. Another possibility is a worn spline shaft on the driveshaft, it can be replaced, but a new driveshaft is usually cheaper.

I had a cable controlled Western I ran for 14 years, the only trouble I had was the cables freezing out at the pump. I packed the housing with axle grease to solve that problem.


A-1 Snow Pro, can you give a description of how you set up the handle to operate the cable style pump?
What about the electrical aspect?
Anybody else can also chime in.


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Hello A-1,
I get a clunk on my 85 truck, been hearing it for years. I was told sloppy differentials common in the fords.

When you park on a hill and throw it in park, does the truck roll forward a bit?


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I got a 88 k1500 that clunks like that, i had my mechanic look it over and he thinks that the slip clutch inside the rear diff is doing it, he told me not to worry about it. maybe you could try changing the diff oil and remember to put in the ford additive for the diff.

Western cable control, I havent had any probs with my joystick and if i do I have a crappy old t stick with good cables to fall back on if i have to, dont like the old t stick but in a pinch there it is.

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