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All my customers want driveway plowed, steps cleaned etc. I cant keep saying no<br>How much is the going rate for a plain ole residential driveway, 2 car garage?<br>How much snow before you guys head out?<p>----------<br>-grasscape<br>

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Well min amount to plow depeneds on location.<p>I am from maine, its like 3 inches here for residental.<p>Cost is like 25 dollar min, per push.<p>I charge XXX amount for the season.<p>Where are you located at if you are in maine or close to it i will give ya more info. Only if you are like in Conn, Dino can give ya much better info than i could ever dream up.<p>Geoff

Western Michigan
Hey Grasscapes-<p>We're in west MI., and its pretty normal here for a city driveway to go for $20 per push. Most folks go with a seasonal contract, and those averaged about $185 to $200 before the gas prices shot up. Most of the contracts are at 1 inch or more, but some of our customers prefer only 3 inches and up, especially the &quot;per push&quot; customers.<p>There is a snowplow contractor behind every bush here, however, and that keeps the prices down somewhat. Anything more than a short two car driveway will be more than that for the seasonal accounts, and in the country where I spend most of my time the annual contract would be more like $300 and up. The drives tend to be much longer outside of town, and drifting becomes a factor even without significant snow.<p>With a pull plow and lots of close contract jobs in a suburb setting, there is potential to do about 5 an hour or even better if your route is well planned, so its still possible to make money at it.

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