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Discussion in 'Commercial Snow Removal' started by plowking35, Apr 15, 2001.

  1. plowking35

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    Well today I spent over 3 hrs washing, waxing,removing road grime, vacuming, polishing,cleaning windows, wiping interior parts and doing an over all detail job on my truck. Nothing like a hard winter to do a number on the truck, I think I even got that coffee cup from way under the seat.
    For those of you that have vinyl mats, here is a tip that may help speed up the cleaning process. When I was vacuming the floor, I removed the majority of the sand and dirt, but quite a bit was still stuck to the floor. I sprayed the areas with simple green, and usually I wipe with a rag, or loosen with a brush. But instead I used the wet vac with a brush attachment and just vacumed up all the residue. When done with that, a quick wipe and it was spotless.
    I did one side of the truck this way and one side the old way, and the vacume was about 15 min faster.
  2. jimsmowin

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    I HAVE A MAN COME IN EVERY SUNDAY and wash trucks. crew leader is responable for inside.
  3. GeoffD

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    Chance of rain or snow for tuesday into wednessday. Some day we will get to cleaning our trucks inside, we do the outside every week or so in the winter.

  4. OP

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    We clean the trucks every week during the winter, but no way its going to get the same TLC that a 65 degree day in April will get. Trust me no wax going to be applied when its 30 outside.
    Also its my personal ride, so I take the time to get the door jambs, the hood area, and armorall the hoses under the hood. I mean a complete detail job. Looks like it came from the dealer, check that better than the dealer.
    Hosed out the wheel wells, and even armoralled the inner liners.
    Now onto the rest of the trucks.
  5. paul

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    Dino when can I send my trucks over:)
  6. Chuck Smith

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    A backpack blower really gets dirt out of the inside! No kidding. After vacuuming, try blowing it out, you'd be amazed at how much the vacuum missed. You will also find all kinds of "little treasures" that were under the seats.
    Ditto on the Simple Green Dino, that stuff is great. Great for under the hood too. Just have to keep in mind, it removes all Amorall on tires etc., but it gets the tires really clean. It's great for getting off the "haze" mud leaves on tires sidewalls and wheel well liners.

  7. skyphoto

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    Just dont do that wet vac trick at the car wash! I did and the car wash owner yelled at me for 5 minutes cause I was ruining his vaccum! hehehehe

  8. 66Construction

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    I know about those hidden treasures. I found one underneath the tool box. On the job the nearest truck bed is the nearest trash can and on the highway what doesn't blow out blows under the tool box. Well I found what looked like McDonalds breakfsst, wow did it smell after I took the tool box out.
  9. SlimJim Z71

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    Finally got a chance to dig into mine as well on Saturday after I put a new fuel filter in (was almost completely plugged.)

    The detail guys at work even let me use this special clay on the paint that takes out airborn contaminants, and rail dust. Let me tell ya, my truck looked awesome... until it rained Saturday night. Ya think I'd learn by now.

  10. n y snow pros

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    I have to wait till May 1st before i can clean some of our trucks.We clean some of the equipment a few weeks ago,but a number of trucks have to wait until snow contracts are over.Wouldn't ya know my personal truck is 1 of the ones which must wait.I may need a backhoe to muck out the inside of my truck.
    John P
  11. Deere John

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    I never realized both how much my dog rode with me or how much hair a short-haired dog can lose until I cleaned both sides of the console box. Yikes! And his nose is letting him down - he didn't find all of the french fries we tossed back to him in 'his' rear seat.
  12. Remsen1

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    Simple Green is the best for this type of work. I do a little car cleaning on the side for friends and family and I swear by it. Most of these cars were real pig sties. I removed a many month old half of a spilled McDonalds chocolate shake that my nephew spilled in the back of my sister's car without even breaking a sweat. Plus it makes your car smell like a breath mint. Or for people who don't like the minty smell might say it smells like Ben-gay.
  13. 75

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    The spring cleanup is when I really like the full rubber mat as opposed to carpet. Much easier to clean, doesn't hold dust and with the help of some Armor-all or tire foam, shines right up.

    I don't think I've seen Simple Green before - I wonder if that's because I'm in Canada? Going to see if I can find some this weekend since it sounds like good stuff for the tough cleaning jobs.

    Chuck - I do something similar to the blower idea, only I use the shop air. It does really well at busting dust loose from the seats and under the dash where it's awkward to reach with a vac.