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Well I sent out the &quot;pick up crew&quot; today. They started picking up all the stakes at the properties we plow. The found some broken ones, not a suprise when we got 5 storms in 4 weeks. Also found some shopping carts, and trash barrers, a Gas grill, a TV, bath room scale, beer keg, and other items. After every property is de staked, they will start picking up sand buckets. <p>Any of you guys find anything funny in the melted snowpiles this year?<p>Think we plowed on some trash pick up days a few times.<p>Geoff<br>

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color tv,i think it might have worked until we hit it with a pusher box,4 shopping carts and a few tires,oh ya 1 crushed dumpster i dont think the loader operator saw?<p>----------<br>J PARKER<br>914-485-4200


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The weirdest thing I have found one yeah was a dead cat. Must have froze during a storm and been snowed on, we pushed it up into a bank and it was cryogenic to the thaw. Other than that nothing to frightfull.<br>Dino<p>----------<br> Professional Ice and Snow Management <br>Products:Services:Equipment


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I think I can top most of all of these. A few years back one of my cleanup, sod roll back crews found a dead body. Seems the guy just died of a heart battack, but nobody found him for a good 2 months, didnt smell that bad, the snow preserved hi in all his splender.<p>----------<br><br>

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