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Ok, cant find the answer in the search....

I'm bidding on a hotel lot, always full of cars, coming and going.

I allready doing several apartments but charge just a small price for after storm clean up... Where cars where parked and now moved etc. Usually these apartments are not bad at all and only take a few minutes. The hotel though looks like a nightmare.

Question to you guys is, do you charge extra and how much for next day clean up? I could see the clean up at this Hotel being quite extensive at times.


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Go to seasonal pricing, that way no matter how many times you go you are payed. If that isnt an option, just state that the main travel lanes and empty spots will be plowed, and after 11.00 am or whenever checkout time is, you will plow empty spaces out at that time. Make all other touch ups an on call matter. Charge 20.00 per space. Give me a call, I do several hotels, and we have a pretty good plan.
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Would give a pricing breakdown as standard procedure. 0-2 2-4 etc. Tell them that that price is for your plow visit, once your done with what you can plow and leave, anytime you return it wil be on a hourly basis of $150.00 per hr with a minimum of 2 hours.

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