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Discussion in 'Commercial Snow Removal' started by diggerman, Nov 23, 2000.

  1. diggerman

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    We usually try to buy our larger customers a gift for Christmas,a cheese and cracker basket,a constuction model with our name on it,etc.Does anybody else do this and what do you give.
  2. Chuck Smith

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    I've never given gifts, but I do send cards to all my customers. Some I can wish a "Merry Christmas" to....
    Others, I just wish a safe happy holiday season, and thank them for their business. At least 50% of my customers celebrate Hanukah... Sometimes it's hard to determine who celebrates what, so the "holiday season" covers all.

  3. Deere John

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    Ya - our business name is printed right on the front of the gift. "Jack Daniels No. 7"
  4. iowastorm

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    Digs; cheese and crackers? Is that the small packets that you get in the vending machines for 50 cents?
  5. DaveO

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  6. fivestr19

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    ussually some flowers if the property manager is a woman and got a guy we ussually send basket of peanuts, cheeses and sausages.
  7. justa hick

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    we send all our customers a hand writen card and a box of chocolates, for the holiday season
  8. OP

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    No Storm usually they are in a wicker sleighs with a bottle of wine,cheese crackers and so on.Thinking about big wagons with both company logos on them this year.
  9. iowastorm

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    Don't forget to give some to the ISU people; you can charge them $50 per cracker and then 5 cents for the bottle of wine.