choosing the right snow tire

Tim C

I am going to need tires this season . Do I go for the A/T or strickly "Snow" I want traction as well as good ride. Some suggestions would be helpful:confused: Tire size 235/75/r16 Dodge ram 2500 V10 Thanks Tim C

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Claverack, NY
Looking at your profile and I see that you are from Massachetts, so you usually get some good snow there. How much plowing are you going to do? If you have tons of accounts to plow, then maybe a strictly snow tires would be better. But it will wear out quickly when driving on road with no snow. Is your plow truck also a personal truck? If so, then you would be better off with All Terrain , but if you are crazy enough, you could switch tires between storms.

Do some searching here through "Search" feature on the top right of the screen on "tires". There was some previous discussion about it and it might help you.

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