Chief V-box?


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I saw an ad in the paper for a 8' stainless v-box for 1800 obo. The guy said it was a chief.Its about 6 years old,brigs motor and in pretty good shape.I have never heard of this brand, any comments? He said it was cleaned and sprayed in the spring but when I asked him about the chain he said he usally replaces it every year. Is this common? I dont know much about v-boxes but would like to replace one of my tailgate units for the savings in price of salt. Does this sound like a good buy? What should I look for? Thanks!


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Should be a henderson unit. Cheif was a model of theirs I believe.
Be carefull, they made a painted 409 stainless and a 304 regular stainless. If it is the 409 it will still get rust.
He may be speaking of the drivechains on the engine that he replaces, I can see why anyone would change the apron chain every year.


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Unless he does not properly clean and oil the chains and the end of the season he should get at least 5 years out of them. Incidentlt the chains are not stainless on any sander that I know of. They must still be cleaned every year.

that price seems like it is in the ballpark, though i looked at a few used ones and the price difference from new to used was not that great so i bought a new one along with reliability and peice of mind

i bought mine from evans supply near the airport..

i live on the other side of akron in stow

i know of another one used, been gone over already for same price but not stainless

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