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Man tell me about it! We have literally been praying for snow. I don't believe Joliet had 3 inches though. A friend of mine told me that we avg. 48" every year it just depends when ot comes. But last year was a record for December and this year is also a record.

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The snow will come. It is just taking it's time. I was very anxious at first but I have since decided to stay calm and wait it out. There is still a slim possibility there will be a white Christmas for us here. Til then, just cross your fingers and fantasize about all the white gold we will accumulate in January.

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Everyone comes in and asks me if its going to snow, and my reply has always been, i will take what mother nature gives us! (i just hope we were all good snowplowers this year and she will make us all happy again like last december, but i can wait till january!) best wishes for the holidays,pt.

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Note to self: No Christmas card for John Allin this year.:D

Just kidding John. I am just north of Chicago, and yes... it seems like it's hit a fork in the road just before it gets to us. North and south, but none here. Don't worry though... it will snow.


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Soon! I know everyone was pleased with the snowfall we had in December last year but we have to try to remember that this is a different year with different weather patterns and different Weather Channel personalities. It is my hunch that we will see a plowable snow on or before New Years Day. And, in order to make up for the lousy December I am confident we will have a very profitable January as well as a posssible record breaking February. I am no weatherman but my trick knee of 13 years has seldom failed me. Til then, appreciate the dreary days off and rest up. For soon the snow will fall and the bank accounts will once again grow wealthy.
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Thank you for the reminder about our sense of humor. Those of us who've been here awhile still get it. I am 100 miles west of the windy. Haven't seen a flake (of snow) yet. It will come. and if it doesn't, then my wife will just get that much more sick of me. Hey Slim, no lung thingy's this year okay!


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it was 55 degrees here in iowa today. went to the store with the plow on the truck wearing just a short sleeve shirt. lets not forget this is still only fall. :(
i think winter starts friday. :D
then it just has to snow!!!
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