Chicago Area


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Chicago, IL.
I can help you out........................

Let me know if we can be of any assistance to you?

Currently as far south as Ogden & Milwaukee (Chicago) and actually have in Franklin Park, north to Arlington Heights.

Pacocha Landscaping Services, Inc.

(847)699-0122 Fax

Joe Pacocha, CSP


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I would be glad to help when available. I'm in LaGrange Park. My Jeep is good for smaller lots and residentials. My email is and my Nextel number is 708 935 1718. - Peter



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Valparaiso, In
I'm here if you need help. It seems that the chicago area gets more than we do over here in indiana.
pager: 219-755-4838

would be glad to help if not swamped.


Moline, IL
I'm not to far from J. Henderson.....I could be there in 3.5 hrs too...It's like the snow misses us every time...Goes North and South of us.....:confused:
Re: help wanted

Originally posted by hoyboy
Anybody near Chicago willing to help me out in a big storm? Let me know, I'm ok for up to 6", but could use the help over that.

Dan Norton

Already been to one of your shops.

4.5 hour drive.


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Looking for a subcontractor for the remainder of the season! For driveway plowing and commercial work! Will pay top dollar! Approx. 35 driveways, no more than that, and all the commercial work you would like after that!

For the NorthShore area!

Call me 847-561-3197

Chuck Benigni:D

Plow Meister Addict
I usually have 2 trucks to spare. One with a tailgate spreader. Both are very reliable and utilize only very experienced drivers. Call on me anytime.

Christopher A. Kinkade
(219) 808-9328


Sub work

We are always looking for subs to back us up and are often times available to help you out during a storm. We cover from Chicago's south side and south suburbs east to Valparaiso down to Demotte. Call to discuss for next winter.
Mike Anderson
Snow Pros, Inc.

HLS Wholesale

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I've signed a few large accounts for next year and will need help...any of you Chicago guys available to help on a regular basis?

Let me know asap...thanks!

Dan Norton
Hoy Landscaping, Inc.


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Tinley Park, IL
I have been in the business for 6 years, started with a snowblower and some sidewalks. Moved up to a 4 wheel ATV and plow. Then to plow trucks with Vbox spreaders. On to Class C (class C IL/DL)truck setups with plows and spreaders. I owned a plow truck for a year...needed a better quality truck. I got my experience with heavy machinery in the military. I am capable of maintaining some heavy equipment also.

I do not currently have any equipment, I drive for another family company. I am getting tired of the family favoritism going on. I am looking for someone that needs a driver during the day, as I work 11pm to 7am. I live in Tinley Park, and have residential, commercial, and mainly large trucking firm experience.

If needed I have a 1/2 ton 4x4 with a Class 4 hitch and a 7pin.


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