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Any one use a 2wd 3500 dump truck to plow. I have a 94 with a 350 and it plows great, my problem is the front end height. I have put heavy springs on the front along with timberlins (sorry for the spelling) and the plow still hits on the truck frame to the ground. the frame is all the way up. Oh yea its a western unimount. I can't find a lift kit for that truck. Any help?


Stamford, CT
2wd??? ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!!!!!

Just joking... I used to plow with a 1973 2wd International Lowboy dump.Was ugly as sin, but it had real power.

Seriously 4wd is much better (especially Chevys) They are all I run... Pulled a lot of fords out of not so deep snow. don't know if it was the trucks or the drivers, but I am willing to split the difference 50/50

As far as the frame is it one of those that goes to mid cab? Thats what the IH I drove had.

If thats the case, you could always opt for a different plow manufacturer. The plow is cheaper to replace than the truck!!!!

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