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Discussion in 'Commercial Snow Removal' started by cowboy, Dec 29, 2000.

  1. cowboy

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    I just got the newest Chevy Silverado broschure and they have a page with a picture of a 2500HD plowing, which caught my attention. took a gander at the plow, hey its a Meyer, if Chevy recommends them I might have to go with meyer instead of western :) lol
  2. John DiMartino

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    My local chevy dealer has a thing with meyer plows too,I hate them for commercail work.I think he buys them because they are cheap and lightweight.
  3. CT18fireman

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    Most plows are installed after the truck is on the lot. Dealers find the cheapest, closest or most popular plow. Near me I have multiple dealers of same brands (chevy, ford, dodge) and each installs different plows. Fisher, Meyer and Diamond are the popular brands here.
  4. RB

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    I think Chevy puts Meyer on their trucks simply because Meyer is the best plow on the market!
  5. slplow

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    The problem with meyers is that they have not fixed the problems thay have had for the past 30yrs but when they bought diamomd out they made diamond plows better than they were by changing the trip springs. They weren't smart enough to make the V Plow out of the diamond blade instead of the Meyers Blade. If they did that they would have had a great V Plow.
  6. RB

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    Does Diamond has a website?
  7. cat320

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    RB yes they do it's They now have a new plow out like the fisher min. mount called the mdII .You can have it fully on/off or like the old plow hook ups.
  8. diggerman

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    I saw a new pickup with a new poly blade on it, looked around eight ft wide.It had a pump with a lift cylinder that couldn't have been bigger round than a roll of quarters.It looked really cheap.