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Discussion in 'Chevy Trucks' started by bdemir, Jan 6, 2000.

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    i just purchased first full size truck and ive driven my dads lumina and caddilacs and from what i see, hear and read about on this formu i think that chevy builds them tough compared to ford and dodge. My next truck will be a GM.

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    full size

    Depends. If you want an older truck, I think the best ones made
    are the FORD 150's with a straight 6 engine and a 5 speed manual trans. I paid $3,000 for an '89 5 years ago and used the heck out of it- and it still drives like new. Does not burn any oil at
    all, even at 100,000 miles. I put an extra leaf spring on it that I bought from AutoZone for $35.00. I've put 2000 in the back several times, and it holds up nicely!
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    my family has had two fords and they both fell apart the first year we had them. I think they suck.
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    I think its a matter of prefrence(trying not to be too biased)...the straight 6 300 matthew is refering to is a good engine however its one of few. Over time each truck has been known for havign a better ride than another or towing better or better accelleration or whatever but overall i think car and driver and many other magazines will back the GM enthusiast and tell you you can't go wrong buying the GM vehicles. Especially GM small blocks are the **** in my opinion(i've got three trucks all with 350's)...tons of parts readily avalible and lots of easy and not so easy bolt ups. Plus i have always hated how F*rd motors have the oil filter mounted on the sides of teh block...perfect position to spill oil all over at every oil change.
    P.S. -- I really dont care for any GM economy cars