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chevy lights dim and volts drain!!!

Discussion in 'Boss Plows Discussion' started by Stalkker66, Jan 15, 2009.

  1. Stalkker66

    Stalkker66 Junior Member
    Messages: 22

    hey guys,

    new to the site but have been plowing for the 2nd year now. i have a 2005 chevy 2500hd with an 2005ish rt3 8' trip edge plow. basically i bought it used and in mint condition last season and installed a new truck kit (wire and mtg plates). from day one when raising and turning the plow like other people here i read about, i too have a major voltage drop and all lights and electric goes way down. i have the 145 amp alt. and the stock battery 3 years old of 600 or 620ish cca. this has been going on since i bought it so i thought it was normal but now i read that it shouldnt be. and seems to be slow and refilling the volt meter in the truck. i called boss directly and told them. per them i check the amp draw from the motor and was pushing 220-240 but i have a digital guage and not sure if its just picking the end of the lift cycle which they said will spike to 220 after lift while holding the button. but i thought it was during lift so he said change the motor. i did and its doing the same thing so now i am not sure i had to replace the motor. my question is what else could cause this? my connections are all clean and tight everywere. cable come right from battery. i am going to load test the battery tomorrow. what would people recommend for a battery that is high amp and still fit in stock location? also boss said they want 135amp or more alt. and recommend an 800cca battery. any one have any suggestions as far as alt. and battery size and brands? i just dont want to dish out more money for nothing. also, i opened the 90 degree fill neck on the side of the plow to fill fluid and i didnt see fluid in the neck like the book says. could that be the problem (low on fluid)? would that make the amp draw hight? it still move pretty good with no wierd screaching sounds. thnaks.

    wow rambling alot haha. but thanks for the time guys. "keep on truckin"

  2. HULK2184

    HULK2184 Member
    Messages: 77

    I would go to AutoZone buy there Yellow top 850cca (i think it is), then Connect a 6 or 4gauge wire to the back of your alternator (where the positive is) and run it straight to your pos on your battery. That should help the recovery time.

    Mine was doing the same thing i put two new batts in and did that and works great now

    I was going to get a new HO alternator for 750$ plus needed to rewire, but the guy at the alternator shop said to try this before anything elts. He said that he tells all plow people to do this first before getting a new set up

    also it may still drop a few amps that is normal, if it still dims your lights way down then u may need a new alt. This helped my truck and my buddies

    Hope this helps you
  3. HULK2184

    HULK2184 Member
    Messages: 77

    oh yea and if you get the one from AuToZoNe the you will have 8 year warranty and 3year replacement warranty :drinkup:
  4. Stalkker66

    Stalkker66 Junior Member
    Messages: 22

    yeah thanks for the help. i am going to load test the battery tonight. the yellow optima was what i was looking at too. they say the yellow is better cause its designed for large draws from pump style motors. also going to change out the wire from the alt. good idea. i hope i dont need 2 batteries and a new alt. if thats the case ill just run it for now. been doing it for 1-1/2 seasons now.