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Morning folks...
Was wondering if any of you plow with the chevy hd 2wd. I just bought one(short wheel base) and want to put a plow on it. Im thinking of a Curtis 9ft plow. As for weight in the back, I have the Curtis sander unit as a conter weight. Also the truck was bought with the highway tires on it, not sure if thats aggresive enough tread to plow with. This truck is the 15k gvw, diesel. Any pros/cons?....thanks

Andy N.

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Pittsburgh, PA
Good luck! I would never plow with a two wheel drive vehicle. Too risky, at least in Pittsburgh, the hill and valley capital of the world. I plow with both a pickup and a one ton dump. In two wheel drive, the one ton dump is awful, even with several tons of salt in the back. My pickup however, is incredible in the snow with the weight of plow and salt / er, even in two wheel drive.


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my uncle plowed with a ford HD 2wd, his front springs sagged a lot, but it plowed very well. I assume that the front leaves would carry a plow better than his coils so thats not really going to be an issue. Being a 2ton truck i think it would hold up the plow better than almost anything else would, IMO

I think plowing witha 2wd is more fun., it takes a lot more skill, but can also be dangerous, I leatned on that 2wd ford, it was a great truck, but its nice to have the extra comfort of the 4wd.
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Southwestern Pa.
I plow as much as possible in 2wd. Then when I need to, I switch to 4wd. What Andy says about Pittsburgh is true though. I almost never get away without resorting to 4wd at some point.

I've seen lots of municipal trucks with 2wd, but they put the chains on as soon as the first flake falls...

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We own the same truck equipped with a 9' Boss straight blade and a Monroe 10' salter. We have plowed with it 4 times so far this year and I have not received any complaints from the driver. The hopper has been empty as the salter is only used for backup.
It is used on flat lots.

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As a minimum, I'd get a different set of tires (all around - the rears will wind up "overriding" the front) with studs. Again, stud all around - I've had it happen where the rear tires with studs pushed the vehicle even with the same tires on the front.

Like the other said, you're biggest problem is going to be hills. I always wind up in 4WD with even the slightest incline. As soon as that back tire breaks traction, it's all over.


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It depends on the type of work you plan to do. For flat parking areas and streets with only a slight grade, it will work OK. I plowed with my F-350 dump in 2WD on a street route and only kicked in the front axle for the mountain run. Other than that 2WD works fine, if you've got a posi rear.

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Claverack, NY
I have no experience with a 2wd truck when plowing but I have heard many time over this site that a 2wd truck would be fine for plowing a flat and level lot. But if plowing residential or in hilly area, then 4wd would be a better choice. Do some search. I know that 75 have commented on this on several occusional.


mount the plow and some aggresive tires and go the company I drive for part time has several 1 ton and 1 ton hd 2wd trucks with 8 1/2 westerns and they work great look at it this way what does the state and city dept. use a big 2wd truck with a big blade good tires and weight when was the last time you saw a 4x4 IH 4700 or ford L8000 going down main street

Kurt B.

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I have a couple of these same trucks with 9' blades or 8.5' V blades on them. We either have v-box almost loaded with salt or on others without salters we add at least 4,000lbs of weight via concrete blocks or bulk salt. Trucks hardly ever spin a tire , plow great, will outplow our 4 wheel drive pickups in big snows simply due to weight - a heavier truck can push more snow farther as long as it has momentum going. All mine came with the Good-year tires on back - They don't look very aggressive but they have always done a good job. If you have the slicks (like I have on front) you should consider different tires. The only weakness to this setup is if your plowing on slopes in small area's where you can't keep momentum going they will lose traction.

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