Chevy 6.2 L K-20 diesil truck

I have a 1983 chevy K-20 6.2 Diesil, its a great truck but the starting is realy bad when cold. I put New glow plugs and it starts harder ... Is this ,injection Pump or could my injectors be getting old. And does anyone know how much HP the 6.2 puts out and what gears they rean in them.. Shes a real bulldog in 4 low...... Thanks



Yeah those diesels are stout in bulldog low gear. Dad had an 86 K20 with a 6.2 for a company truck. His was geared so low, that it was hard to get it over 65 mph! Horsepower and torque ratings varied with the 6.2 in various applications.
I had an old Chevy catalog from 90 or 91..the 6.2's with GVWR over 8600 lbs had a rating of 150hp and 285 ft lb of torque. under 8600 lb GVWR were 145hp and 255 ft lb of torque. I think these #'s are correct..i don't have the catalogs anymore. This is just my best recollection. Hope this helps.


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I have a 88 suburban that use to have a 6.2 but that went at around 160k, so they put in a 6.5 (without the turbo)

May be a stupid question, but are you plugging it in over night to keep the block warm? This help tremendously in cold weather. I know, as I have had to jump start the thing after cranking it over and over trying to start it on cold winter mornings.

As for gearing.....need earplugs on the highway. With the low gears and only 3 of them, it screams when cruising at 65.


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