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I have an opportuntiy to purchase a 1974 Chevy 1 ton for $450. The motor is trashed, the cab looks like crap, but the hydraulic dump bed is in working condition. Is it possible to put this bed on a newer Chevy 1 ton, say an early 90's model. And for $450, is this a pretty decent deal?

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walker came from Lawnsite. I told him I thought we could help him here. 75 and some others out there.

I offered that he should measure the frames. That he may have to modify the subframe of the dump unit.

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Agreed. See how similar the truck frames are, both in width and contour where they hump up over the axle.

I don't know my newer Chevys that well, but I think that the fab work required should be fairly straightforward. And if the dump box/hoist is in decent shape, the $450 isn't too bad.

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