Chevrolet denying warranty due to FF application

Discussion in 'Eureka Fluid Film' started by Grump1, Jan 26, 2017.

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    In 1992 I purchased a Chevy 2500 with the 6.5 Turbo Diesel....This Engine was the biggest pos I have ever encountered...The first 3 months I owned this truck it was in the dealer 13 times for engine related issues...After aboot the 4 time in the dealer is when I got GM involved in the saga...The dealer was absolutly no help what so ever...Everytime that truck went it from that point foreward a GM rep had to meet me there so I could document the issue...This truck after a year and we'll over 20 visits to the dealer...The lawyers got involved...The only saving grace was it was a quick settlement with GM...Full purchase price plus attoney fees...

    One thing I learned is...Documentation is key..Getting a GM rep involved early helped in that documentation...

    As Fred said...The dealer is a puppet...They purchase the cars and trucks from GM and they are in the business to move them...
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    You paint a rosy picture but keep in mind GM is just down the road from you which gives you the opportunity to huck poo at the front door while protesting.......
    BTW my in laws had two of those POS trucks, at that time I was driving a Cummininging's at it kicked the 6.5 TD ash when it came to pulling,etc....
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    It's funny...I took that truck out to Boulder to help a buddy move to Winter Park...Had to take it to the dealer out there...The Altitude was totally screwing with that engine
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    What's Huck Poo???....Is that like Hob Knobbing??
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    Altitude shouldn't have a huge affect on a EFI Turbo'd motor, you'd lose some compression due to the change in atmospheric pressure butt the ECM should compensate for it.

    Hucking Poo is trait used to by primates when they're board, pissed off or just being morons.
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    You should know your the poo throwing monkey...:laugh:
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    If I recall back in 1988-89 GM had just about this same issue. The drive shaft was not sliding properly in the trans or transfer case. It would bind a little and snap into place and make the vehicle jump or clunk.
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    Did you ever have any dealings with those motors???....If you farted it would start to run poorly...

    The best was....You would start it in the morning...It smoked so bad the neighbors called the fire department
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    Dang,I had almost forgot about that dark period of ownership! 3 trannys, rearend ,turbo,2 injector pumps(optical sensors) wastegate solenoids(lost count) blew the motor(8k) and on and on.:cry:
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    They were a real gem...:puke:
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    Should have owned a couple 6.0s.
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    Hucking poo at any door will get you in trouble with any SEO officer. Just not worth the trouble, however walking in with buckets of it will get you the attention that you seek. It takes about 15 smelly good candles to negate the smell of one bucket
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    Here's a useless update.
    Got GM involved and they wanted it to go back to the dealersh!t. Zero concern about the FF!! Only for the technicians to say AGAIN that everything is working as it should and they can't duplicate the clunk.
    ... As luck would have it, after pushing 50"+ of snow for over 40 customers in only a few short days, taking the 750 lbs ballast out of bed , dropping plow off front... I drove it for 2 days with nearly zero clunk...
    Un-freakin-believable ! It's like 98 or 99% of the time that it clunks, and the day before it goes in it gets quite. Ridiculous.
    Only thing I can think is from pushing back big snow, whatever is causing the clunk has been torqued into a tight spot, and has yet to move back to the lazy clunk spot. ( such as if it was a shackle bushing that has worn offset, maybe it's twisted tight for now, soon to fall back into the same old 'groove'.)
    Will be out of warranty soon and will then hope the rear diff or something else doesn't blow apart. Then I can take it to a quality performance shop and upgrade shocks , bushings, replace shackle bolts ect. And with a bit of luck, get the thing to act right for a change.
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    I've owned about a half dozen 2500HD's and I know exactly what clunk you are referring to. It's usually when you have a couple hundred pounds in the back and you go over an uneven terrain and cause the back end to wobble side to side. You won't notice it when it's weighted down. Way back when I checked axle bearing pre-load, leaf and shackle bushings even the spare tire thanked it could be rattling around. Not saying it's right but I've learned it's just what they do. I'm certain it's just the rear leafs/shackles and bushings moving around, especially the shackle. Not saying it should be normal or ok but I think they could replace everything on your truck and even give you a brand new one and you will still have the same issue you are describing.
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    In so many words, the dealership is saying the same thing.
    Guess I'm just used to driving my old stuff from the 1990s that is quieter, with less 'clunk factor 5' going on constantly.
    At this point I sense a dead end, they win, as I figured they would.
    I thought an accurate diagnosis would have not been too much to ask for , but apparently I was wrong.
    It's extremely annoying and disconcerting to hear such a thing repeatedly and not have a definite answer as to the cause.
    I know if I had heard anything like this during test drive, i would have not even considered purchasing the vehicle.
    Certainly not trying to get something for nothing. I do spend money there and have had them install a second battery in the ghost tray, crank the torsion bars some, $1200 in studded snows on dedicated rims, purchased from them. New cutting edge for the Xv2, new skid shoes since wearing through a pair, solenoids, fluid, and on and on .
    Now they think I'm a pain in the ass, great. Yep all my fault haha.
    One thing that is surprising, the parts department has consistently quoted me better price and availability for parts than other specialty shops.
    Overall they have been helpful, though not willing to show their cards. That can be disingenuous and comes off as kinda slimy.
    I bet the service manager's truck doesn't have the clunk!
    Oh, and the service department saying the FF was a possible culprit, total bs as stated by others here earlier. I coated the sh!t out of the undercarriage before bringing it back, its kind of funny to see mechanics whine about grease on their hands? Corporate had zero concern about FF. After all why would they? It's my 40k clunk hahaha
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    I had the yoke clunk issue on a 1998 half ton. I was told the same thing that it was not a problem and they had no fix for it other than greasing the yoke. I lemon lawed it and said that I was afraid to drive the truck because something could happen to cause bodily injury to me or my family, it went thru and I got my money back.In 2001 I bought a new 2500 hd had the same problem and there was nothing to do but drive it. My 2009 gmc 2500hd does it as well.You either have to live with it or start the lemon law process. they make the lemon law case hard to do to weed out the fakers.
    I don't think you will get anywhere other than lemon law. that depends on the state you live in how the law works. It is what it is. I haven't had a catastrophic failure with the 2 trucks.
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    I have not read through all the posts, and maybe you have already resolved your issue but I had the same noise in my 2008 Silverado 1500 going into my driveway, same type of situation I believe anyway believe it or not I found a post online about putting bicycle inner tube‘s between the leaf springs where they touch, and this took the noise away it has something to do with the leaf springs and lateral motion
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    Welcome, O8. old post but some guys might try anything for a fix!! :drinkup:
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    since this post was brought back, my 2016 2500hd has done it since day 1. i learned to live with it. If you guys have sway bar links in the back that is likely the culprit.