Chevrolet denying warranty due to FF application

Discussion in 'Eureka Fluid Film' started by Grump1, Jan 26, 2017.

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    they must prove the part they replace is bad, thats what you will pay for plus diagnostics
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    Grump1, Chevy/ GM. is a huge Co.!! Stick to your 3yr- 36k miles. Bumper to Bumper warranty!!! I think your dealer
    is looking for an excuse such as FF. as an easy out seeing that they replaced L springs and other parts etc.
    Perhaps check rear gears, U-joints ,carrier bearing.... Don't Pay for any diagnostics... It should be on them.
    Put your foot DOWN!!! STICK TO YOUR GUNS :gunsfiring::gunsfiring: Good luck keep us posted!
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    One thing you can try is to pack the yoke with grease I have done that a few times and it seemed to help some
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    Taylors p. But, He only Has 7k miles on the truck??
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    Ya ff will not void warranty I work in a shop and both my bosses have Chevy and have had the same problem with the yoke
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    There is presently 22K miles on the truck.
    I don't daily driver it, it's primarily a plow vehicle , besides that the clunk is bad enough I don't enjoy even driving it.
    I wonder if that's what the technicians have done , is pack grease in the yoke area to reduce the noise for a short period of time, until days later it has been spun/ pushed out?
    The mechanic rode in the vehicle with me to hear what I was reporting. That was after they had it in the service bay for hours, and wouldn't you know, the clunk was not prevalent at that time... it only did it lightly maybe twice with the technician in the vehicle, and he shrugged it off saying it was difficult to duplicate the sound.
    Only a few days later, the clunk is back just as before or louder.
    I believe if it was not FF being trotted out as an excuse, then it would be something else.

    By the dealership preforming the replacement of leafs, and shock, and checking the rear wheel bearings, they basically acknowledged that there was something causing the noise.
    I will update when I hear from GM.
    If there is no fix, is it worth the effort?
    What does this do for the trade in or resale value??
    I know if I got in a new or used vehicle and it made this kind of noise, I would not be a buyer.
    Thanks again guys.
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  8. This is typical behavior for a franchise GM dealer, Who knows if it needed the work that was already performed. Your problem still exists, GM reps will start questioning them when they bill for the warranty work if any other work is performed. Sounds to me somebody dropped the ball on the original diagnosis and don't want to correct it at there cost because of all the other work done.

    As much as it suks you are going to have to be a thorn in there side. If they don't know what the problem is it's not unusual for a GM factory rep. to show up and find the problem and if they can't they will brand it a lemon. Be as patent as you can. Meaning don't go in there freaking out or pulling body parts off no one. My Family has a franchise dealership and you would not believe the bull that goes on.

    The FF theory is a joke on the dealerships part. They don't like the stuff because it protects parts on the truck that normally they would replace. Good Luck
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    about 4 years ago i had the oil treatment done, now every gasket for light bulbs is messed up, all soft and gooey
    part of the reason i went with ziebart this time
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    Hey OP. Have you talked to the GM of the dealership? I don't have a chevy but I was getting a similar run around from my dealer with warranty work. As soon as I talked to the GM and told him the situation, and how important it is that my work truck run correctly because it is my means of providing for my family. I informed him politely that if they failed to fix the problem and continued giving me the run around I would kindly inform everyone I new in the construction industry what a horrible dealership they are, I would write an editorial letter to paper about it, and start a social media campaign against the dealership. Instantly my truck was fixed, and now every time I come into the dealership they take care of me. You could try that tactic. Friendly threats with a cool head and no yelling tells them you mean business without putting them on the defensive.
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    I will let you know mine is going back next week again for it! They also are going to put a steering damper on it too. At 38 miles per hour the wheel will start to shake after hitting smallest bump. My 12 did the samething into they put one on.
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    That's a good Story...But a story nun the less...

    GM needs to be contacted directly and a file needed to be started on this truck....Actually they should have been contacted after the second or third time you brought it in for this issue..Its very hard to take it to court without a paper trail where everyone is involved .The one
    poster earlier stated he got a text about this issue...The dealership and GM both know there's an issue...In order to lemon law it or sue you need to have your ducks in a row...

    I'm not sure a few of the posters on here understand on the dealership system works...The dealer is just that...A dealer..GM is the one that manufactured and backs and pays warrantys...
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    Hey just telling him what I did. Actually per your advise to go in and "raise hell".
  14. Defcon 5

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    ..Never said go in and raise hell...If there's an

    issue with this truck that can't be resolved..The GM of the dealer is powerless...General Motors is the one I would dealing with now...Not some service writer in a dealership...Please explain to me what the GM of the dealer is gonna do if theirs a widespread manufacturing issue with these trucks?...
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    Well if it's a wide spread problem with manufacturing then obviously he can't engineer a fix. But he should be able to tell the customer that there is a wide spread problem and 1. Instruct the shop manager to quit screwing the customer and fix it according to the TSB which would be available if it was a widespread manufacturing problem. Or tell the customer sorry that my shop manager is such an idiot for not knowing that this a widespread problem and Government Motors has not come up with a solution for it yet, so will quit wasting your time and you will be notified when a TSB is released with a fix for the problem.
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    There is always a "fix". A drive line shop can build a whole new driveshaft if need be... go to a chevy truck forum and search tsb bulletin for the yoke and maybe take it to another dealer to inspect the yoke. Also, I would think that if you can document the problem (paper and possibly video) and find the fix, GM would reimburse you.
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    I've has problems with dealer response, and after phoning or emailing the manufacturer directly. The dealer called me right back and accommodated me beyond my original expectations.

    They were pressured to do so by the manufacturer.
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  18. Remember a franchised dealership is a puppet. You will run your franchise the way GM etc tells you to. I have seen Dealers lose these dealerships because they did not want to remodel when GM told them to. You can buy a franchise if approved by GM etc. You can also lose it if they don't want you to have it.

    Franchises are a proven system, This is why you pay millions of dollars for one. Compare it to a small biz like one of ours. If you been in biz for 50 years and been successful and your books show great earning and you were to purchase it would you change everything around or do the same thing the former owner did? If your going to use your own ideas you should just start your own biz instead of buying somebody Else's.

    The OP's situation is very simple. He brought the truck in for repair, They fixed all kinds of different things problem still exists. Somebody in the shop was more worried about there commission check than the problem at hand. FYI most of these mechanics get commission on parts put on vehicles.

    Of course the Op may have to contact GM if he does not get satisfaction. If there is a on going problem with this type of truck the dealer should know about it and if he did not still should be able to diagnose it. Not just slam parts on it for personal gain and still leave the guy with the issue on his truck. Again if the Dealership does not know the issue it is not uncommon for a GM rep. to take a look at the truck. They will either find the issue or brand the truck as a lemon on the title.

    The truck will than go to auction and be announced as a lemon, This is the law.
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    There's a few dealerships nearby. The Chevy dealer has acres of brand new pickups that never seem to get sold. Ford dealer has about 100 new trucks, but seems to sell and replace quite often. Ram dealer has about 50 to 75 on the lot and they too rotate and replace quite often.
    I often wonder how t he Chevy dealer stays in biz.
    Not bashing Chevy, as I've never owned one of their trucks.
  20. Ford and Dodge are normally cheaper than a GM new or used for comparable truck. Even at a wholesale dealer auction there is usually 2 or 3k cheaper. I would love to have all GM, The price difference will draw most buyers including myself to the Ford. This is why they been #1 in sales ever since I can remember. Dodge has the cummins and the hemi that draws buyers there way. Not to mention some of us remember when Dodge were the toughest truck made. Still could be for all I know.

    I like GM not because the Ford or Dodge is going to leave me on the side of the road or fail. Personal thing only.