Chevrolet denying warranty due to FF application

Discussion in 'Eureka Fluid Film' started by Grump1, Jan 26, 2017.

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    Hey there guys,
    Yep, not cool at all... been in and out of the dealership 5 times to remedy a loud clunk in rear of 2014 Silverado 2500HD.
    They thought it was rear axle bearing and inspected, found it was not the issue.
    After re- torque 'ing' bolts in rear of truck, still clunking when chassis racks side to side as when transitioning over an uneven driveway entrance or other.
    After I pressured the service department, they said GM recommend replacing the rear leafs... mind you this is with less than 7K on the vehicle which was purchased new...
    Leafs replaced, still the clunk. In neutral truck running or not, just the motion of the vehicle, it's there.
    I bring it back, now they claimed a rear shock was defective.. o...k?
    (Which they would only replace 1, how often does anyone replace one shock?)
    Still the clunk persists. At this point the service department says they can't figure out the issue!? And mind you this dance has gone on for months and months, for over 10k miles.
    I AGAIN tried to have the clunking resolved and that's when the excuses started. They started telling me again the leafs?? I said it was done only months ago here!! Apparently their computer system had been upgraded and wasn't showing this prior work...
    Then surprise surprise , the service manager asks when the FF application had been done, and said Chevrolet does not approve of that undercoating process.
    He informed me they can only speculate, but were thinking the leaf shackle bushing had been affected by the fluid film and caused it to wear premature??
    I thought FF was supposed to be solvent free and not damage rubber or plastics, though after looking at the FF label, it does in fact warn of it contacting rubber surfaces.
    I feel this is being used as an excuse to deny any further warranty service and am extremely frustrated. The goal was to reduce problems with the vehicle, not create them.!
    Just something to consider, though if it was not the FF, I believe they would have found any number of other technicalities to weasel out of the proper repair.
    I have been in communication with corporate GM over this, though I suspect they will also deny further repair after push comes to shove.
    I have used FF on 3 other older vehicles for a longer period of time without any issues. It does inhibit rust damage... but leaves one vulnerable to denial of warranty service.
    Anyone else have a nightmare experience like this??
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    Can't answer your question, but I had a persistent "thunk" that drive me nuts; took me three months or so to figure it out. Was a loose rear shock mount bolt. I could wiggle the shock with my hand (should be no movement).
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    Ya that sounds fishy
  4. Randall Ave

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    I've seen bushings failed from contamination, but it takes a while. That was the noise, the spring bushing?
  5. to_buy

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    contact fluid film
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  6. OP

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    It has yet to be properly identified or repaired!
    The service department is putting their hands in the air with no resolution, insinuating to dig further will be my expense. :(
    Suddenly I like my old trucks alot more.
    Terrible experience overall.

    I wrongly assumed the spring shackle and bushings would have been inspected or replaced when they ripped the leafs out of a truck with 7K miles... but they were not.
  7. Mark Oomkes

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    Deny, deny, deny.

    What a load of bovine excrement.

    Tell them you're contacting an attorney or going to lemon law it. Maybe that will light a fire.
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  8. Mitragorz

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    Torsion bar crossmember? Mine's busted on my '05, makes a nice think whenever I hit a bump.

    Took me a week to figure out what was making the sound. Sounded just like a bad shock bushing.
  9. Dogplow Dodge

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    Think about something..

    What quality, or lack of, of bushing material that would fail if exposed to ff. FF 2would have maybe contacted the outer exposed edge of the bushing where it meets the shackle. It would have not entered the sleeve in which the bushing was encapsulated in, as a light spray of ff doesn't migrate into spaces that miniscule if at all possible.

    I've sprayed wd40 on bushings for years, and they didn't fall apart. I've ignore bushings for a year or two with nothing ever applied, and they went bad.

    Imo, the quality of the bushing material should be what is in question, and not the FF application.
  10. 1olddogtwo

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    I could be mistaken but I do believe FF is not recommended for rubber, glass, or as a pet treat
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    FF wicks into metal and into rusted/frozen bolts as its a penetrating oil.
  12. Dogplow Dodge

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    That is on their website and spray cans.

    But, should an automotive grade rubber bushing be rated to resist solvents, tar, oils, acids, ozone, and other detrimental environmental factors? My 1994 Toyota has,its original bushings throughout the trucks suspension system. After 23 years they're still in great condition, and tight as ever.
    Somethings not right with suspension bushings failing at all in the first decade of use
  13. fireside

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    There is a text bulletin put out about the problem on my early 2015. The load clunk you are hearing is the drive shaft slip yoke according to GM. At this time there is no fix for it. My guess is it the worst after loadingnyjevtruck or after towing?
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  14. OP

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    Hmmm, interesting. I have not received a bulletin about that.
    It very well could be, though this clunk is not initiated by shifting from drive to neutral or reverse.
    It is when the suspension flexes on an uneven surface. It may be one, or several clunks, or even a multi clunk borderline a low toned creaking ( many clunks in series).

    The status as of now is corporate is looking into it, and I suspect they will speak with the service manager, who will likely feed them the line about the FF undercoating.
    At that point I would expect GM to side with that assessment and drop the issue ... in my lap completely.
    Though they admit they " are not sure" If that (bushing) is actually the cause of this.
    So I'm not sure how they can deny a defective part if they don't know for certain that's the culprit.
    They read off excuse 'A, B, then C, and I was able to say those things had been addressed with no resolution. At which point the service manager threw out their "we are done with this speach" about the FF.
    I will update if hear anything constructive, but they have sidestepped responsibility from the start so I don't know why there would be any difference now.
    Thanks for the input guys.
    As adult, 1 owner /operator, I have babied this vehicle from day one and this is what I get to deal with, the new business model of extend and pretend. It's sickening.
  15. leolkfrm

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    tell them to find the problem, you will pay for the part when they determine what it is,
    then if not related to ff call gm customer service and complain
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  16. fireside

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    Yes not related to be placed in gear. It occurred when the truck is moving suspension travel pushes the drive shaft in and out of slip yoke! At times it feels like rear end is going to fall out correct? It's also more pronounced when you are running light too. Sander on with weight or towing a loaded trailer nothing correct?
  17. OP

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    That's were I'm at, I just fear the amount of $$ they could accumulate in finding the culprit, and then drop it on me. But that is happening now regardless.
    I just never thought they would lead me so far along WITHOUT resolution.
  18. fireside

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    I will look Thur my paperwork they gave me s copy after bring it in 4 times
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  19. OP

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    Definitely sounds like the rear end is going to fall out! That is an accurate description, unfortunately.

    Though when loaded heavy, it seems less noticeable... ah ok I see what you said about running light! Again correct!...
    It's never at highway speed, only parking lot and under speeds.
    It certainly is a deep, bass like thump/ clunk, that not many components on these tin ships could make... unless it's a major heavy component creating the sound.
    Great input thanks guys.

    So... if it were to be the yoke, and someone said there is NO fix??
    What then? Is it worth squeezing an accurate diagnosis from the kicking and screaming dealershit? ( that was unintentional slip but I'm going to leave it since it fits the situation!)
    Even if they were to do their job correctly, where does that get me, if there's no fix?
    I have had old plow trucks for decades with less thumps and clunks than this vehicle.
    It's a shame too, otherwise a very capable truck, and the fluid film is doing its job as far as protection from Salt and rust! I do like the product, and get comments about how well our older vehicles have held you in the incessant road salt.
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  20. Mark Oomkes

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    Wouldn't they have to prove it was the FF?