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Chevrolet Avalanche

Discussion in 'Chevy Trucks' started by TJH13, Dec 15, 2007.

  1. TJH13

    TJH13 Junior Member
    Messages: 7

    Please advise. I need to do a couple residential driveways (150-200 ft.) in Upstate NY. Considering a Chevy Avalanche with a 7 1/2 ft plow. Need a crew cab and the wife likes it better than Silverado crew. Supposedly they both have same frame. Can/should I plow with an Avalanche?

  2. Newdude

    Newdude Senior Member
    Messages: 889

    is it a 1/2 ton or 3/4 ton?? I've seen them around. There is a guy where im form that has a 3/4 ton with a ultramount 8ft. and one i saw at home depot had a fisher 8ft.
  3. lodogg89

    lodogg89 Senior Member
    Messages: 412

    their has been a couple on the boards, you would be fine with a light weight plow, not sure what the bumper is like though, may require more trimming than normal to fit the mount.
  4. Bernie Lomax

    Bernie Lomax Senior Member
    Messages: 139

    Avalanche is 1/2 ton. Same frame as a 1500 I believe.
  5. jgsxr750

    jgsxr750 Member
    Messages: 84

    does it have the same front end as the 1500. My friends have coiled over shocks in the back and front and his can't handle any weight like my 1500 crew cab silverado can.
  6. YardMedic

    YardMedic PlowSite.com Addict
    Messages: 1,266

    7.5' Fishers are on them ALL the time, and it looks like they do pretty well.
  7. big bird

    big bird Senior Member
    Messages: 119

    a guy has one with a 7 ft fisher on it and he hates it the truck now :gunsfiring::gunsfiring:
  8. Newdude

    Newdude Senior Member
    Messages: 889

    If it is a GMT-800 then there IS a 3/4 ton and the 1/2 ton. the GMT-900's there is no 3/4 ton.
  9. saber7

    saber7 Junior Member
    Messages: 21

    I just put a used 7.5 on my 04 1/2 ton avalanche. and it pushes like a bear ,best of both world if you ask me .The only problem I am having is getting the low beam plow light to work.
  10. TJH13

    TJH13 Junior Member
    Messages: 7

    Thanks For Feedback

    I appreciate all the feedback. The model I am looking at is the 2003 half ton version of the Avalanche.

    Any recommendations on a plow and what should I expect to pay?

    Are fiberglass plows a better option (weight)?
  11. rico

    rico Member
    Messages: 40

    I have an 02 with cladding. I just post a pix of it under 05 Avalanche in the Chevy thread.