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Discussion in 'Western Plows Discussion' started by clark lawn, Feb 15, 2008.

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    i have a uni-mount 8.5' pro plow, when it gets heavy with packed wet snow it doesnt want to raise very much maybe 1-2 inches then it wont go any more. how do you check and/or adjust the pressure? i have a guage just cant understand the directions i printed off the western web site. is this something i should just run over to the dealer and have them check out?
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    Are you clear on how to connect the gage to the 1/4 pipe thread test port on the side of the lift cylinder? Not all pump housings have a test port there so you can also tee it in on one of the angle hoses if yours doesn't.

    If you tee it in at an angle hose, you simply angle the plow in the correct direction (correct depending on which hose you tap into). Angle the plow full against the stop and hold the function on for a couple seconds and read the pressure on the gage. This will be you full relief pump pressure (whatever it currently is). If it's not to spec, you then pull the motor off and turn the relief adjustment screw on the gear pump to bring the pressure up to spec.

    Same with the lift cylinder if you tap it in there. Just fully raise and hold, instead of angling.

    How much you turn the screw is dependent on how much additional pressure you need to get it up to spec. A 1/4 turn clockwise will generally give you 200-250 of additional pressure depending on the health of the pump. You may need to do it several times