Check Trailer Plugs, there are two standards out there.

GeoffD Veteran
Ok some of my guys are allowed to take their trucks home. One of my employees took his truck home and towed his buddies trailer, which had the same 7 wire plug we use, however it was wired wrong. I guess the ground pin, was connected to the charge pin. There for none of the wiring worked.

However it blew 2 fueses, big suprise huh. They also found 2 rellays nice a warm, those were probably fried too. 2 new rellays will be installed tommorrow. Currently the all the pins work, except the back up lights, and charge pin, the two rellays that were warm. Hopefully the 2 relays will fix the problem.

The warning from this post is, make sure if you are towing a trailer other than yours, even if it has the same plug, check to make sure it uses the same standard.

Total cost, 10 dollars for the rellays and maybe a dollar for the fuses. Better than a burned up truck.


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