check engine light keeps coming on


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check engine light keeps coming on, 87

My check engine light keeps coming on after a few minutes at idle, then goes off a couple of minutes after taking off. My truck is an 87 chevy 1/2 ton, 4 wheel dr. Does anyone know what would be causing this?
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Mike 97 SS

Check engine lights can be caused by MANY different things going on under the hood. The best thing to do is get it checked out by an auto repair shop that specializes in, or atleast knows there stuff when it comes to check engine light problems. Let them scan it and see what they come up with, and tell them to give you a call when they find anything out before they go ahead and fix it. See how much they charge just for the scan, it may be anywhere up to $100 just to tell you whats wrong before even going ahead and fixing it. Mike


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hey i dunno if this will help, but to save a buck or two you can go to the zone and they will give you a book and a code retrieval key and you might be able to save yourself a buck or two.

another thought.... seen this the other night on an episode of the simpsons homer was driving and his came on , he applied a strip of black electrical tape ( this is a proven method for some ) over the light. but never the less the family was on foot shortly after.


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That is SO funny! I am sitting here reading this thread and then all of a sudden Homer shows up and I'm almost peeing myself laughing so hard!

I can see Homer know putting the tape on! Oh Marge!



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Are you sure...

you don't have a Ford? LOL. My other truck (92 Ford 4X4) had a constant check engine light. The trouble was that it was reading the EGR valve as being closed, even when it wasn't. The best way to fix it is 1. Take the bulb out. or 2. Put a picture of the girlfriend over it so when it comes on during the day, you don't see it, and at night it lights up her face (good for at least one accessory purchase without her complaining). LOL