Cheap customers lol

I should know better as The lady wanted me to plow her driveway at a ski resort. She dropped me 3 years ago and did not remember that I plowed her...I picked her up again and she must have gotten the bill as she dropped me. I will not deal with her again. I should have known better but people that have second homes at ski resorts always want them plowed and think it only snows on the weekend....I think I plowed her 9 -10 times last month for like $25....a quick easy plow...but its down hill into her garage and she's had to replace 2 garage doors so no big loss. Just hope she pays for last month...

I will not ever deal with her again... act rich without money to pay for a service.....

Just venting....:drinkup:

What is the most clients you have picked up and dropped and picked up?

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