Chaseing snow storms

Shane Nelson

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Dallas PA
Here in north eastern PA,WE dont get a whole lot of multiple snows.Although within a few hours you have Buffalo,Syricuse,Mass,MD,Cleveland,Erie.Usually at least one of these places are getting snow when its not even forcasted for n/e PA.Does anyone think it would payoff to chase these storms down,let me no your pros and cons.Thanks

John DiMartino Veteran
I would never chase them-but if thats what you want to do,go ahead.I would rather take the time you would spend chasing them,and invest it in your immediate area,puting out seasonal bids,to a lot of commercial sites,dont bid cheap,but bid them all.You dont want them all,just a few that are willing the pay for top notch service.Thats all you'll get anyway.If you do get a lot back,sub some out.If you are well paid,its easier to do a good job knowing you dont have to rush it to make a good buck.Welcome to the Lawnsite,Shane.

Shane Nelson

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Dallas PA
Thanks for the responce John.I see what you mean,and i am doing that.Being my first year those accounts arnt going to come overnight,So whleim tring to get established here, i thought I would Chase the snow to make the money,if it could be made like this,Just this first year.I didnt start out with money,so iv got to make it come in.If im wrong you all plz give your advise.

John Allin Addict
Erie, PA
We get guys come into Erie from all over if they know we are getting slammed. This past week we had a fellow from York, PA drive here, worked two days (slept on the floor of our conference room)then went home for Thanksgiving. Another came from Ohio, and two guys came from Columbus, Ohio. We had 3 guys come from Pittsburgh for 18 hours of work. We welcome them and work them. Unfortunately, they are not thrilled with the rate as here plowing is a function of supply and demand. We get lots of snow, but have lots of plowers around too - but if they can live with the rate - we put them to work and then pay them off before they go "back home".

We put these guys (and one lady too) with crews that already know the accounts and they just act as additional help for the major portion of the storm.

I can say that most of them go home thinking that they can deal with ANY type of storm that they see 'back home' after working through a three day 40" storm......

Snow Pro

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John - You win the macho award of the year. You're confident you can handle any storm any time of day or night. Bring it on.

Lots of times we get calls from guys 1-4 hours away if they're not getting snow and we are. They found us in the phone book. That seems like a smarter way to go rather than potentially wasting a trip for nothing.

Remember to put the blade in the back of your truck before you drive any long distances.


I talked with a local that went to N. (S.?) Carolina this past winter when they got slammed. He said that he made a ridicolous amount of money in a few days.

Mr. Allin:

I am from Pittsburgh, and have often thought of taking the two hour or so drive to your area when you are getting slammed and we are not. I'd like to talk a little with you off board about this if you are interested. email me if so.