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Charging system question.....

Discussion in 'Chevy Trucks' started by HotRod55, Nov 15, 2009.

  1. HotRod55

    HotRod55 Junior Member
    Messages: 24

    I am new here and this will be my first year plowing with my pickup, its a 1998 Chevy extended cab 1500. I have a Western HTS on it and my question is what should i do about my charging system? With all my lites on the battery guage slowly creeps down below 14 and i dont want to burn up my alternator. So do i get a 140 amp alternator or should I put in a second battery? I have asked a few mechanics and some say put in another battery and some say to do the alternator. :dizzy:
    Any feedback on here would be greatly appreciated.


    i have been plowing for 2 years now with my Grizzly 700 and a 60" plow and want to see if i can get a few more accounts by having my pickup to do some medium size parking lots.

    Oh and i was also wondering if anyone has tried to put 3/4 ton torsion bars on a 1998 half ton. Is it worth it & how much work is it to do?
  2. quigleysiding

    quigleysiding PlowSite.com Addict
    Messages: 1,129

    You should do both.Hit the search button. Everything you need to know is here someware
  3. overtime

    overtime Senior Member
    Messages: 153

    I did a dual battery real easy you can do it yourself. i work in a shop and did it for about maybe 150 a shop was going to charge me 260 to do it but i just read up and did it.

    my truck no longer does that when i plow.
  4. cubicinches

    cubicinches PlowSite.com Addict
    Messages: 1,415

    I always do both. However, either one on it's own is a huge improvement.
  5. mcwlandscaping

    mcwlandscaping 2000 Club Member
    Messages: 2,557

    Both =] if you really want to do it up you can also have a custom alternator made for not too much more money than the 140amp and have it put out more than double that.
  6. Philbilly2

    Philbilly2 PlowSite Veteran
    Messages: 3,770

    Spend the money on the batterys first. High output alternators were down your batterys fast. Put two new batterys in your truck and see what happens. Just adding one will make the new one that you buy just as worthless as just having one battery. You want a slow steady charge. It is the best for the batterys. 140 amp is still a good number.
  7. WeDoSnowplowing

    WeDoSnowplowing Senior Member
    Messages: 160

    I went from battery book called for 550 CCA battery to 1,500 CCA battery. Remember battery books do not cover for the the extra lighting to plow snow & power the plow. Haven't had any problems of going dead. Just keep replacing battery every 5 years. From 1999 to now. Need to replace before we get snow for 2009 2010 season.
  8. RichG53

    RichG53 PlowSite.com Addict
    Messages: 1,135

    Make sure you Measure how much room you have for your new batteries .... Not all big Amp's will fit....
  9. HotRod55

    HotRod55 Junior Member
    Messages: 24

    Thanks for all the help guys ill try the batteries first and if that dont work ill add the alternator.