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Discussion in 'Commercial Snow Removal' started by jonathanethan, Dec 23, 2003.

  1. jonathanethan

    jonathanethan Junior Member
    Messages: 8

    I just started out myself this year....I started quoting 20.00 per driveway, but after the first storm, I found that 20 was the minimum and the avg. should be 25.00-40.00 for the straight shot driveways.
    I have a couple that go into the woods for a while, charge them 45-60.00 and of course if it's gravel, charge them a little more too!
    that'll kick the sh.. out of your truck and blade.
    Let them know that up front and you can make them feel better.
    Most people know the game and will know exactly if they're paying too much money for your services. But, if it's not worth the money and time, move on. Nothing worse than dreading to go to a customer, when you know they're getting over on you.
    Makes it a little better, if you know deep down you're getting good pay and providing them with a good service on top of it!
    They will refer you to their friends if you keep it reasonable.
    I also charge each time I push their driveway, I was going to cut a deal and give them 50% the second push and 75% the third, but it's not worth it for you to do that. They'll understand that you have to pay for fuel and wear and tear on your vehicles as well.
    Spell out exactly what goes into the plowing, also have them stake off their driveways, otherwise you'll be getting the "you ripped up my lawn" call!
    Not a good thing, if you make 100.00 on a customer for the year and then have to pay 150.00 to fix their lawn come springtime!

    Good Luck!
    You can make money, if you price it right!

  2. JMR

    JMR Senior Member
    Messages: 567

    There are many threads on this sight about what to charge. It appears to me that most good businessmen on this sight are grossing $100-175 per hour per truck. Varies by market and cost of doing business. If you can do 4-5 drives in a hour at $25-35 each that should put you in the ball park. My cheapest driveway is $28 and go up to $65. I try to get jobs close together to reduce drive time. My price is also per push, not per snow event. If they want it done twice during a storm I bill them twice. I average $110+ per hour per truck.