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Discussion in 'Commercial Snow Removal' started by treeman06, Feb 15, 2008.

  1. treeman06

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    with all the snow this year, we finally will have to start hauling snow this week. We have not had to do this before, what would a general price per hour be for two guys,two trucks and a skid? thanks for any info.
  2. Italiano67

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    I would charge 65 -75 per hour for each truck and your skid steer rate per hour. Just check your dump site because you might have to charge for that also.
  3. Eddie D

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    If you own the trucks and skid steer then its all done by time. You can just give the customer one hourly rate like $400 per hour that includes all your trucks etc. and work until your done or for a flat price figure out how long it will take to drive there, load the trucks, drive to the dump sight, dump and return. Then multiply that by how much you want to make an hour per machine. I would charge at least $100 per hour per machine if not more.

    I would go the hourly rate because it very hard to figure how many trips it will take.

    I takes us around 30 min with 2 skids to load a 30 yard container. This includes working in a very busy area with allot of vehicle and pedestrian traffic so I am sure it would faster if the area is closed off.

    I am not sure how much you need to get rid of but 60 yards was a pile that was about 6' high 8' wide and about 40' long.

    Most important, snow is extremely heavy. I forgot what the guy told me how much it weighed when he got back but I have 16 -18 tons per truck or something like that in my head. They were shocked at how heavy the load was.

    If you have allot of snow look to see if anyone in the area has a melter you can share with. They are expensive and hard to find but the smallest machine they have melts 60 tons per hour. You would have a hard time keeping up with it with one skid steer and it would be less wear and tear on your vehicles

    Hope this helps.
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    The standard rate for a quad axle dump in WI is $75. to $80. per hr. You can call almost any of the truck brokers today and have a tuck right now. Machine rates depend on what the customer is willing to pay. I charge $100 to $125 per hr. for the little Volvo L35.
    As for load times, less than ten minutes.
    Friday we moved snow at Harley in Menomonee Falls. Used a L120e Volvo and 3 quads. Was on site moved from back of building out to the sign by freeway. 8 hours, 96 loads at 20/25 yards each.
    Tell me you will not be using a 1ton. At this rate you could hire the job out and make more not using your own equipment.
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    i have a truck with a 15 yard box on it and a f350. i just have to move the snow from the cul de sac to the dead end road right down the street, maybe 100 yds at the most, (distance of trave,not amount of snow) so i think we can get it done fairly quickly, so if I charge 150 hour for the two trucks, and 100 hour for the skid ,does that seem about right?
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    I think you will find that everyone is going to do it differently.

    If I am doing all work on site (Including dumping) i charge by the hour for both loader and trucks.

    If I have to haul it to another site (Dump site) I charge By the hour for the loader and by the load for the trucking.

    If you have a close by dump site and you are charging by the load. You could double or triple your hourly rate with out you customer knowing. Therefore making you more money.

    I know its dishonest, but its business and your customer needs it done.


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    If it was me i would just use a wheel loader with a 6yard bucket if your only running 100yds it wouldnt take long to run it down and be back but thats just me
  8. John Mac

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    I agree with the 6 yrd loader idea, did some removal this year and a friend of mine brought his pit loader over with a 6 yrd bucket and we didn't even use the dump truck. He took about a hour maybe less to move a huge amount of snow. I charged the customer $500 and he was happy as a clam and my buddy worked for an hour, took longer to drive the loader to the site and back than it took to move the snow.
  9. snowcan

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    Ottawa Ontario, $140.00 per triax load, includes truck, backhoe and dump fee, assuming about 1 hour per load.
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    Hey Snowcan
    PM me as I have lots of loads most storms, did 17 tri's last Friday. A 7 cm storm would be 4 loads total from 4 diff. sites. Bank and QW to Scott and Parkdale. Maybe you're interested in doing my removal?tymusic