Changing Hydro Fluid


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I am changing my fluids on my Boss V, I went to my dealer to get some quarts(Boss brand recommened fluid). He wanted $8.00 $$$ a freaking a quart, I told him to get bent. What kind of fluids do you use, aftermarket??:realmad:


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Hydraulic Fluids

Genuine Boss; Western; and Meyer hydraulic fluids all run up in that price range, You can use any of these manufacturers hydraulic fluids in your plow, as far as aftermarket Buyer's or S.A.M.'s fluid should work just fine.:rolleyes: John
The fliud in the boss plows is a low tempature hydraulic oil designed to flow at low tempatures, you can buy simliar fluid at fuel supply depots but the cost is relitivily the same. The couple of extra dollars is worth the protection of the pump, it only holds two liters(quarts) anyways.


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