changing carb to a t.b.i or tuned port injection


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i have a `86 gmc 4+4 im replacing the engine with a new gm long block 350. truck has a 700r trans.
my question is how do i go about putting a tbi on my truck engine?do i need a computer for the tbi?
is also possible to put a tuned port injection on this engine and what is involved to put this on?


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The easiest way to convert is to find a donor vehicle and swap all the parts, it gets cost prohibitive otherwise. Holley and Edlbrock both make aftermarket kits to convert from a carb to EFI, this is an option too. Each type of injection system has its own unique computer and harness.

I looked into converting my TBI 454 to port injected and it's too big a project to make sense on my truck. Not only would I need the manifold & injectors, but also the harness, computer and related sensors as well. A major undertaking for a work truck.


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central NY state
You'd need all the sensors, wiring harness, computer, and fuel delivery system (in tank pump, fuel sender unit, etc.) If you've really gotta have EFI, either find a cheap but COMPLETE donor truck, or go aftermarket. The first choice is a lot of work, the second is expensive, around $1800 I believe.

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