chance for another 1 to 3"

Discussion in 'Commercial Snow Removal' started by GeoffD, Apr 7, 2001.

  1. GeoffD

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    A chance for another 1 to 3" tonight. Good thing my big trucks still have their plows on, and the loaders are on site.

  2. skyphoto

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    How do you live with it!!! I would be bangen my head on the wall! We had 82 degrees today in Missouri! I cannot imagine thinking about snow still!

    Good luck and warm wishes!

  3. OP

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    We just take it in stride. It is a sunday, rain should kick in. Some locations will be closed and won't require any visits. Others depending on how much snow falls. We may be able to just plow the laneways in lots and spread salt or sand/salt mix on the rest of the lot, till the rain kicks in. See how much we have in the morning, and then we will know what to do.

    Most of the equipment is ready to go. We put some plows back on friday just incase of something like this. We are storing our plows in the empty bays of our materials building so they will go on easy.

  4. SlimJim Z71

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    I'd be booking for Cancun by now if I were in your shoes... course, if I were in your shoes, I could probably afford to go to Cancun. LOL...

  5. MJ

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    Nobody around here pushes 3". Just drive on it. Besides, it'll melt before tomorrow afternoon. On a brighter note, my daughter told me tonight that her boss wants me for plowing and sanding the new office building they're moving into. Plus I've got a line on a private road and six driveways. Things are starting to look up for next year.

  6. OP

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    If your not plowing or at least treating parking lots and roads at 3" or less you are setting yourself up for the following.

    1. Possible slip and falls
    2. Your lots look bad.
    3. Less money in your pocket.

    If our roads and lots need to be treated we will at anytime.

  7. John Allin

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    Watching the WC this morning Geoff.... looks like you DID get whacked again ??

    Keep smiling... summer's comin.... I been to Maine in the summer - I know you DO get it, even if it's short.....
  8. OP

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    Yes we picked up about 3 maybe 4". Plowed when there was about 2" on the ground. We plowed lots and roads, then applied salt or sand / salt mix to keep the rest of the snow from accumulated. The sun is trying to come out now.

    We are all out of salt now, andything else that falls will have to be treated with mix.

  9. Mike Nelson

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    Sounds like your still making the Big Bucks.:D

    Sitting in Indy and it is about 80 degrees out. :cool:

    Take Care
  10. 66Construction

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    I'll trade you my 3-4" of rain we've had here in the last week for 3-4" of snow. My job sites are muck, the trucks just sink into the mud. I had to pull a generator out of the mud with a LUll today. It just rained again a couple hours ago, with more in the forecast....why doesn't it snow as much as it rains???