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  1. cincy snowdog

    cincy snowdog Senior Member
    Messages: 262

    671 z chains new in box fits these and more
    8.00-16.5lt ,9.5-16.5lt ,lt215/75-15, lt215/85-16, lt225/75-16
    p215/75-15 ,p225/70-15, p225/75-15 8.00-16.5lt p235/70-15
    p235/75-15 ,p255/70-15
    i have a few sets .$40.00plus shipping.
    new in box with directions and pair of gloves.
    security chain co. z chains.
    new in plastic case
    215/70-14 ,215/60-15 ,215/60-16 ,215/60-16 ,215/75-14 ,215/65-15 ,225/50-15 ,235/65-16 ,205/75-15 ,215/70-15 ,245/70-14 ,245/45-17
    plastic case with pair gloves
    security chain co. z chains
    $40.00 plus shipping ,i have a few pair of these to sell.

    chains etc 185.jpg

    chains etc 195.jpg

    chains etc 196.jpg
  2. wkahler

    wkahler Senior Member
    Messages: 250

    E-mail me.........billk726@aol.com and i will check my tire size and send it to you to see if they will fit!