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Central Ohio Sub Looking For Work

Discussion in 'Employment' started by MRUSSELL, Nov 30, 2006.


    MRUSSELL Member
    Messages: 67

    Mansfield area have somepersonal accounts looking to keep working when mine are done
    have 3/4 dodge w/ boss 8.5 v blade w 575 snowway spreader and 1/2 ton yukon w/ 7.5 western poly ultra mount

    MRUSSELL Member
    Messages: 67

    can travel to cleveland or columbus if neded 3/4 ton 8.5 boss v plow and spreader and INSURED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. ice-eater

    ice-eater Junior Member
    Messages: 21

    We need more help in Columbus!

    Hey MRUSELL!

    I used to have an EXCELLENT sub by the name of Mark Russell that back in the mid 90's moved north of here and I never heard of or from him again. I wonder if you could be the same "M-Russell"?

    Any how, I used to operate the company back then under the name of "Property Care Investments", but in 2000, changed it to "Ice Eaters Snow Removal, Inc." Whether you are the same M-Russell or not, maybe we should talk. This coming week, and of course all next month, we will be submitting bids for additional work, and will need more help once again if we intend to grow. If I am confident that we can add some good drivers to our ranks, we would be able to bid more aggressively knowing that we can for sure handle the extra work load. Hence, the reason I'd like to hear from you.

    All of the business we have now, is boiled down to the "cream of the crop" customers. "Red Carpet Customers" if you will. Everyone we provide service for allows us here in this "bubble" of an "ecosystem" here, where rain turns to slush and slush turns to ice, to begin plowing whenever we see fit and in their best interest. Meaning at a depth of not two, but at one inch ay the very most is where we then have authorization to provide full service, and even provide salting services and partial plows at depths less than that. Mainly for their fiscal and safety protection, but also as a business model in order to get and then keep the very best of Guys that work with us, by giving them more constant work, rather than them being forced to wait until the depths get even deeper.

    SO, whereas this may or may not by not represent a partial "conflict" in terms of when you can be available because of your own contracts as opposed to when we would need you as a part of the team, I would still like to talk to you, because one hour is NOT all that far away for this business to travel.

    We now, for experienced drivers that are fully prepared to take on the challenge of being there when needed, and who have reliable equipment on BOTH ends of your truck, pay an absolute minimum of $50 per hour, with most earning more than that, while paying for all drive time from one location to the next. It may at fist sound like it doesn't add up to all that much if you look at it compared to what you might try to charge while actually ON someone's property, but when you consider the fact that last year, by the time that most other companies had nothing to do at all until February, our guys had already logged close to or more than 80 hours each for the season before February, and that didn't include the massive amount of hours that came their way during February when everyone fell behind, except us. Because they were supposed to wait until it got to two or three inches deep, or because they were obligated to wait until the snow had stopped before they could begin. While we had been plowing and salting all along, Enabling us to be one of the only companies in Central Ohio that actually took "call ins" and gave them out to our Guys where they were allowed to take in whatever they could get, without owing the company back a single dime for the extra work that "called in".

    That meant that most of our crew had already made close to five grand for the season before anyone else's season even began last year, and since we were not just allowed, but obligated to "plow with the storm", when "the big ones" finally came last February, we got in two to three full plow and salt runs for each of the storms that came in late in the season instead of just one plow for each location like most other companies' contracts allowed them to earn. Making last year one of the best in a long time, and allowing our crews to totally blow away the amounts earned by small independents that have their own "mini-route" to execute, and then are looking for something else to do by "cherry picking" what they can.

    One of the downfalls as I'm sure you know to being just a one or two truck fleet and not part of a larger "team", is what happens when your truck or plow goes down. When that happens you often wind up risking loosing not only that cash flow for that week, but any and all to come later on! So to help Guys like you that have a few locations and want to continue earning something from them while having "the best of both worlds", and of course help ourselves become larger in the process too, we have set up "deals" if you will, where if you want, you can bring your existing locations "into the fold", and know that they will be covered regardless of what happens to your one or two trucks as there are others to back YOU up no matter what!

    The deal that is ultimately arranged naturally comes down to what is affordable and possible depending on contract size and other terms, but needless to say, we offer a fair compensation that allows you collect a "commission" on those properties for one, two or five years depending on how you choose to structure the deal, and join our team, if you choose to do so. Naturally, while enjoying the benefits of having lots of other guaranteed work while the contracts you currently have might otherwise be earning nothing, until the day DOES comes that "big snow" finally comes our way!

    In any case, if this sounds like something you may be interested in, give me a cal at 614-766-6800 and leave a message via an operator so I can call you back on my dime, and maybe even arrange a time to meet and discuss it further.

    Hope to hear from you soon,

    Ice Eaters Snow Removal, Inc.
    Gahanna Ohio