Central Hydraulic Systems and Solenoid Valves


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Ok, today was a perfect excample of why the extra cost for Solenoid Valves was worth the extra money.

However this is where the savings is. By useing solenoid valves the cab on the truck is almost un touched. The only controlls needed are small electric switches, which take up very little space.

Manual controlls are almost "fail safe" which has bennefits. Manual controlls take up the middle seat of a pick up, and just makes the truck almost a cluster. Their are some applications where this really doesn't matter.

Today is where the electic valves saved me money. I needed 3 guys on a jobsite 1.25 hours away. They needed several rolls of wire, cable, phone, power, and about 2 yards of sand. They also had to tow a 12 lb exevator towed home at the end of the day, with the trailer on site. I sent 3 guys down in a F 750, which also has my under the tailgate spreader.

If I had used manual valves I never would have sent 3 guys down there in one truck. I would have had to send down a second truck, which would have cut into my profits. Now I could have used one of my F 550s to haul the exevator back, and there would have been plenty of cab room. However I try to avoid long hauls at the trucks max. The end result, was I needed 3 guys to get the job done today, if I only had two, the job would have taken an aditional day.

This is an almost everyday event for me, needing to get 3 guys in a truck, when the job is a long ways off. So for me the extra cost between electric and manual valves, will be made up in a short time.

Just something to think about if you go with Central Hydaulics.



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When I set the 5500 up this fall I would ahve like to have gone with electric valves for all the cylinder functions as well as the spreader control. But I had the manual valves already and didn't want to spring for electric controls. The electric ones I've seen had the switches mounted right on the shifter, I sure do like the convenience of that setup. Maybe on the next truck I equip I'll be flush enough to spring for the solenoid valves. Did you do the install yourself or have it done by the truck supplier?


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I had the truck supplier do some and I did the rest.

I had the truck supplier mount the pump, and put the pully on the engine.

After that, I installed the tank, put in the valve body, ran the hose, and the electrical controlls.