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Discussion in 'Commercial Snow Removal' started by CT18fireman, Feb 9, 2001.

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    I need some advice on installing a central hydralic system. Mainly to run a hydro sander. I already have a tank, pump, and valves. The sander is set up with one motor that operates the spinner and drag chain. I would want the pump to have an electric clutch (the truck it came off of just ran it constantly) Can someone give me advice as to where to find the parts I need and what else I need to think about? Thanks.
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    Northern Hydraulics, PrincesAuto,and W.W.Grainger all have that style pump.We have them on our trucks and I believe you need about 11 to 12 gpm and about 1200 to 1600 pounds of pressure.
    We never had any luck with a one motor sander.In my opinion, you should have two motors for better control.(spinner and auger).This worked much better for us.
    Good Luck
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    I thought that I saw somthing on the munchie web site for controls and tanks for them I think it's http://www.munchie.com not sure on the spelling.
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    My Muncie works well

    We have a truck with central hydraulics - for the body and plow, and it works well. The pump is a big Muncie model, mounted right to the block. They electric clutch is a great feature. We don't run our sander with it yet because the sander (Swenson) has its own pony motor, but with a big pump, resevoir, and good valves such as we are set up with, we could easily divert the pressure back to run the sander pumps (also separate conveyer and spinner motors).
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    I've installed central systems on two different trucks now, reused as many components as I could off the first one when I did the second. I'm using a clutch pump, biggest one I could get from Northern, something like 20 gpm at 2,000 rpm. Current system is running hoist and spreader, valves and lines are in place to lift and angle a plow as well. My spreader as two motors, feed augers and spinner, so I'm set up with a control made for that application with seperate feeds for each motor. If you were only going to run a single motor you could prpbably do it with a flow divider and the clutch switch. Personally, I'd have two motors on the vee box so I could vary feed and spinner speed independantly.