cell phone messes with radios?

a palustris

new york
Hi everyone. I was just curious about something. I have noticed in the past that if I leave my cell phone near the radio in my vehicles that the stereo will start to make wierd noises. Has anybody else had this problem?


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my truck radio does it also just before my cell phone rings. the same thing happens if im sitting in front of the computer, crackling noise from my speakers. could it be, ALIENS???:D


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I had to redo a vhf band installation in a ems Ford Explorer. Everytime they keyed the microphone the rear wiper would activate!

Poor radio ground and improper antenna placement does funky things!


Jerre Heyer

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Erie, PA
Dont have that problem in the truck but in my shop if I'm on the cell phone and get within 1ft of the 13"t.v.VRC combo I have even if the t.v.'s off I get a buzzing and humming noise from the t.v. unit. It's more of a static buzz if the t.v's on.

Here comes the BRAIN CANCER everyone's been talking about. then microwaves will fry what's left of my brain!!!

All fun aside. I used to have the cradle for my hand's free close to the radio and got interference when it rang or when I was dialing out. Moved it about 6" away and the problem went away. Then I told my tech at the phone store about it and he checked the phone and wiring for the hands free unit. The phone had been dropped a few times to many and the leakage ( Radio/Rf/ Whatever waves ) were above acceptable limits. He fixed the phone and then replaced the wiring to the hands free with a better shielded wire and I was able to move the phone back.

While were on interference--------Ever keyed up the mic on the C.B. and had someone at one of you accounts come out and say you were comeing through on the loudspeaker, Intercom, drive through, or on there T.V. in the house??????

Just a word to the wise if you have a hopped up C.B. with a LINEAR unit on it. Jerre


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Mine has only messed with the radio since i added an aftermarket head unit. Had the phone antenna fixed and it still does it. I am attributing it to a differnt frequency that the aftermarket unit uses compared to the factory one. It seems like if i get anywhere near the radio it does it until i hang up. It really goes apesh!t when i get an incoming call, im worried that 1) its going to affect my radio, speakers, or even the phone itself or 2) that its emitting too much radiation and its gradiually cooking my brain...:eek:

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Mine does this also,( Motorola iden, Mike service same as Nextel).

i can hear the interference before the first ring on incoming call.

Originally posted by Jerre Heyer

Here comes the BRAIN CANCER everyone's been talking about. then microwaves will fry what's left of my brain!!!

Antenna must be at least 1 inch from your body when phone is transmitting. so if you use a hand free device, use the appropriate case or body harness to wear the phone, if not cancer may appear somewhere you really don't want if you use a clip to hang it to your belt.

further you are from the antenna station, the electromagnetism energy will be higher.

Take a look at all the warning in your phone user guide.


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Just a short story about phones and interference.

When I was in highschool, my Dad busted me for drinking. Turns out he had accidently heard me talking to my friend on the phone while tuning channels on an old TV set in the basement. After I had made plans with my buddy and hung up the phone, my old man comes storming out of the basement yelling "SO, YOU'RE GONNA GET DRUNK TONIGHT EH!" Needless to say, everytime I came home he would be waiting for me to see if I had been drinking. That summer wasn't much fun and I ended up sabotaging that old TV.:realmad:
My phone dosn't realy mess with my radio too much althoug a few times i have noticed it a little but my radio and computer do interfere with my fire pager when they are like a foot or two away or closer.

Ahh... modern technology, where all gonna die of cooked brains from radiation or something. :nod:


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my 2 cents..
this is caused by the cell phone transmitting and interfering with the radio signals. also will interfear with the signals of cd players. this is a known problem if you have this problem there are really only two fixes. throw the cell phone out the window, but not a good choice. or two turn the radio off there is no really good fix for this problem it is just a thing that is going to happen with cell phones and radios.

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