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Is anyone out there using cb radios? Do they work well and if so which brand would be the best. I've been looking at the Cobra ones and those look very nice! Any other information I am forgetting to put down please reply!



John Allin

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Erie, PA
CB's are a common form of communication between plowers during a storm.

Just like other accessories, you can spend a lot, or a little - depending upon your desired results.


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CBs are a good source of communications over short distances,such as in a shopping plaza .If you decide to go down that road look at the units which have a weather band or NOAH weather system channel.Usually this option does not increase the price that much.
John Parker


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Cobras are a good unit (used a 21 LTD back when I was truckin') and you can get the weatherband feature in some of their higher models. I don't think you'll go wrong if you choose Cobra, but in my experience most CB's you can buy will work well for you - the majority of that sort of electronic stuff seems pretty evenly matched nowadays.

Don't forget about the antenna - it's every bit as important as the radio itself! IMO, best place for the antenna is up on the roof, I'd suggest a good magnet-mount so you can remove it if required - up on the hoist for the lube/oil/filter for example.

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