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  1. snow

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    Well, i just got home from getting my learners permit. I drove a little tonite, and will be driving regularlly on the road now. All i need is a truck to drive :). Watch out if u live near NY or CT because i'm nutss!!!!!, i'm just joking. I'm a good driver and happy i finally got my permit.
    now just about that truck.

  2. GeoffD

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    Well all my trucks are north of boston, so I guess I am safe.

  3. John DiMartino

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    Guess its time to upgrade my truck insurance,and wear a helmet.LOL-congratulations Bryan.
  4. 75

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    If I remember right from my truck-driving days, I'm about 12 hours away - guess I'm safe! :D

    Seriously, congratulations Bryan - it's a big first step. Get as much behind-the-wheel time as you can, and watch out 'cause a lot of the drivers out there ARE nuts!
  5. Deere John

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    Congrats Bryan - you'll do well in your driving career because, unlike most drivers, you're just itching to drive in the worst weather possible, and love and respect every minute of it.
    That makes you safer than 99% of the drivers out there.

    Bon chance.
  6. cat320

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    I'm safe too north of boston. Bryan congrats ! now you just need that 350 diesel with the plow set up for net year and you will be all set.But don't forget to put your light bar on it.
  7. OP

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    I drove to school this morning and did well, didn't go to fast, passed someone. Tonite i'm picking up a friend to go to a carnival (with my mom riding shotgun of course). All my friends are jealous :)


    cat320- i'm working on getting that 350 if the owner would come one day. I've ditched the idea of a lightbar and will have 10 strobes, for an undercover strobe package.
  8. cat320

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    Bryan the hidaways are great but nothing looks better than a light bar .I'm going to put them in my truck this summer .then I will have 8 on the bar and four at all my corners.I talked to one guy at the truck show one year and he said that he had 14 in his whelen bar on his wrecker.
  9. SlimJim Z71

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    Seriously though... don't let the car get the best of you. Pay close attention to what you're doing, and expect everyone to hit you.

  10. slplow

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    Bryan, the rmv told you the permit was for a car not for an x-mark. Congrats!!! I know now to stay off the side walks. lol
  11. John Allin

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    I don't think he knows where Erie is, so we're safe here.

    Drive safe... congratulations.
  12. Mike Nelson

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    Pick me up and we can go visit John Allin.:D
  13. OP

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    Mike- get ready, i'm leaving now. I just called myself out of school tomorrow ;-) so we have the whole day to party and drink (soda of course).

    I drove our nissan (manual) this morning, and did pretty well for not driving stick in 3 months. I also drove our van again a while ago. I'm getting better, that old lady was just an accident, i didn't purposely drive onto the sidewalk ;-)


    john allin- we'll be at erie in 8 hours ;-)
  14. SlimJim Z71

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    Just a quick lesson as to how stupid people can be.

    I was on a major highway the other day, and traffic was stopped. I was at a cross-street, so rather than block trafic from turning, I figured I'd leave an opening. Well, I'm sitting there waiting for traffic to start moving, and just as it does, and I start to move forward, a guy comes blasting across the highway right in front of me from that side street... never even touched the brakes. Amazingly enough, there's hardly ever enough room to squeeze a car in on this road, let alone enough room for a car to go barreling across it without hitting anything, but somehow he made it.

    Moral of this story... pay attention. Someone higher up was apparently watching over this guy, but that's not always going to happen.

    Eric ELM (and anyone else from this area)... this was on Barrington Rd./Rt. 59 in downtown Barrington during rush hour, just to give you a better picture.


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  15. billfire

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    Congrats Bryan, drive defensively and wear your SEATBELT!
    Good luck, Billfires