well, i've pretty much resigned myself to putting cat's on my non-cat truck so it will pass the MA state inspection emissions test.
flipping through my Jeg's catalog i see Dynomax super converter's. they have 2-way converter's for $119.99 and 3-way converter's for $50.99.
my question is, what is the difference between the 2-way and 3-way converter's? going by the old axiom "you get what you pay for" i'm assuming that the 2-way is better in some way, but if anyone knows why i would appreciate any insight.
i also have headers into straight dual exhaust if that makes any difference.



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talk too the local inspector and ask him what you have too have to pass. I cat or two. I have a 84 with hedders, a complete 3" system (single). I ordered a 3" hi flo cat from summit,ask them they will tell you. I also use a 3" hooker maxiflow muff from summit. nice sound. I was having trouble
with the way the truck was running. after the change to the hi flow cat, hooker muffler, and a 4"k&n air filter. the truck came alive. roland

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If you plan on keeping the Cats on after the inspection,make sure the ones you get are rated forthe GVWR of your truck,cheaper convertors arent meant for high GVWR trucks,you need a truck convertor,if you tow,or eventually you will experience a meltdown of the convertor.

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