CAT or Cummins?

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Hello everyone.
I am looking into a truck for my business. The people who I am buying from are down in NC and have really good prices along with a really good product. They want $40,600 for an F-650 with a 14' multi-purpose forrestry body. That price includes a bunch of things, however what I would like to know is this. They are giving that price with a 215 Cummins diesel engine. For $1,500 more I can get the 210 CAT diesel. Which would be a better engine to get for myself? I have a reputation for beating on my equipment and trucks. So please keep that in mind.
Also for anyone who has a truck of this nature, what is a fiesable pay load #'s wise for these vehicles?
Thank you in advance.


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new jersey
Hi! I just purchased an F-650 chassis cab with a CAT 3126B diesel. My CAT puts out 190 hp. I transferred my bed and plow rig from an older chassis. I have the truck registered for 26,000 lbs. I believe that it comes through stock with 17,500lb rated rear springs. For another $100.00, I beefed up the rear springs to 19,000lbs and also bolstered up the front springs. My older F-700 was rated for 28,000. This new truck handels the weight very well. As well as the older chassis with the heavier GVW. The first two loads that I had on this truck were max GVW and the 190hp CAT pulled it very well. She runs about 72 MPH. The dealer said that it could be "bumped up" if it needed to be. I am not that familiar with the Cummins but can say that the CAT performs very well in this application. I have several gassers in this application that don't even compare. I have several LTS-8000's with CAT 3208 or 3306 engines that have performed well over the years. Trucks with 60,000lb GVW. The CAT has proven itself to me at least in my application. I believe that the CAT and Cummins were both the same price when I shopped this new rig. Both were approx $2000.00 more than the Powerstroke. Hope this is of some help. Good luck. Jake.

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