Cat 252b skidsteer snowblower operation

Discussion in 'Heavy Equipment' started by Farm Boss, Nov 8, 2019.

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    Just set up a blower on my 2012 252b. I can get the continuous flow locked in for the auger. How do I get the joystick to function to move the chute as well as top flap? upload_2019-11-8_20-54-42.jpeg
    upload_2019-11-8_20-55-33.jpeg upload_2019-11-8_20-56-1.jpeg
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    on my ASV skidsteer, the buttons on the left hand joystick controls the shute functions.

    Note that the snowblower has to be running (auger spinning) for the shute functions to work (on mine, at least)
  3. cjames808

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    Pretty sure you press one of the electric functions buttons on the right then use the thumb roller to move it.

    Flow will need to be locked on to feed the blower manifold.