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Discussion in 'Heavy Equipment' started by Precision Lawn, Jan 4, 2006.

  1. Precision Lawn

    Precision Lawn Senior Member
    Messages: 334

    can anyone tell me about a case 90xt year 2000 about 1300 hours on it
  2. dirt digger

    dirt digger Senior Member
    Messages: 619

    its a Case..strong machine, and 1300 hours is fair...We have an older 1840 with about 1800 on it and the thing is still running great. Make sure you have a good can of Ether though if you plan on starting it in the cold.
  3. salopez

    salopez Senior Member
    Messages: 876

    does a dealer have this machine? is it the Case dealer near anopolis?
    Let me know, cause a buddy of mine works there. They had a nice 90xt up there a few weeks ago. thats a big machine. If you have small jobs to do the rest of the year you might still be renting a bobcat.
  4. Precision Lawn

    Precision Lawn Senior Member
    Messages: 334


    Yes a dealer does have it not in annapolis where is the case dealer in annapolis. for what they want a few dollars more i can get a new holland ls-185-b

    EXCESSIVE FORCE Junior Member
    Messages: 29

    It sounds like you're starting to think a little CLEARER...:waving: :nod:
  6. dirt digger

    dirt digger Senior Member
    Messages: 619

    does the New Holland have the foot controlled bucket operation?...i have always liked the wrist control, when you go down a steep hill or are running in rough ground you use your feet to brace yourself. If the loader controls are at the feet, theres always that chance of dumping your load...i know i accidently hit the auxilary hydraulic foot pedal in our Case all the time, but i don't have to worry about it affecting the loader.
  7. drmiller100

    drmiller100 Senior Member
    from idaho
    Messages: 119

    90xt is a HUGE machine. tow it with a dually gooseneck or something.

    1300 hours is almost brand new. who owned it? what did they do? how tight is it?

    3 months ago i bought a 75xt with 3300 hours. great machine. Mine was owend by a landscaper, adn it is still really tight.