Case Snow Management


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I know Jason Case, but I’ve never worked for him/them. He is a really good guy and he has built a fantastic team around him. He’s not your typical NSP, as he has a lot of skin in the game. The couple people I know that have worked for him said it was a good positive experience. Negotiate the pricing he offers as he tries to get people on the cheap side. Also read his contract very carefully. I’ve reviewed it and I would have to strike and revise quite a bit of it in order to sign it.
I worked for them this summer a bit on lawns and am waiting on my contracts for snow. Been being pushed back on them for weeks now.

the guy I’m dealing with seems good but I haven’t been paid in full for the work I did on lawns. Keeps pushing back the timelines on when I see the snow contracts...actions speak louder than words.

If I get paid in full I’ll take the snow work. Company itself was easy to deal with on the contract end. Yes negotiate!

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Chris I don't Jason will call ya him self, but one of his several co/workers will. I'ts a huge Co.