carb size question


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Is a Carter 600 CFM carb good for a stock Chevy 350? I hear that a 750 is a little too much. What do you all run?
Hey Garet:

I run a number of 350 Chevrolet small blocks that range from bone stock to quite heavily modified.

If you have performed only normal modifications, and by that I mean you are running no more than 9.5:1 compression ratio, slightly warmed over cam, dual plane intake, headers, ignition upgrade, etc, a 600 will work fine.

You can run a 750 cfm *IF* you have vacuum secondaries on it, but you should run a fairly tall gear (numerically high) to keep the air intake velocity up, otherwise the larger primaries on the 750 will kill your low rpm torque.

If you calculate the cfm requirements, based on 80% volumetric efficiency, a 570 cfm carburetor is perfect for a 350 cubic inch engine. That makes the 600 just right in 95% of the cases. (Sorry, I can't remember the exact formula, but I remember the answer!)

Just my opinion...



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right now

Right now I have headers, HEI ignition, RV CAM, stock heads(but apparently they are the better of the stock ones), good exhaust, weiand action plus intake, 4.10 gearing. I should do well with a 600 then.

thx raceman
No problem, bud. I try to help whenever possible.

I should round up all the parts I've broken and wrecked over the years from the mistakes I made when I just went off without any help, take a picture and post it here!

Nah, it would have to be a *series* of pictures and take up WAY too much bandwidth! LOL