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Okay any of you guys out there replace fuel filters very often? I usually do it once a month on my 85 GMC Sierra Classic just to be positive that everything flows well, plus its cheap like 1.89 a month. Especially on the new 350. I was thinking about putting in a inline clear filter before the carb but just haven't. Anyway last time I did a change I lost the seal that goes between the part(cup like) that contains the filter and threads into the carb itself. (4barrel Quad Jet Carb) I can't find a replacement seal anywheres everyone seems to have one that they claim fits but none do. Any other ideas of how to seal that sucker off. Right now I am using a seal not made for that and I had to cut it to allow it to fit all the way around and it doesn't leak so I consider myself lucky and just left it.

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I changed my fuel filter last week and found the gasket in the "help?" section of my parts store.


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Go take the gasket off a budddy's rig, if he catches you (just kidding), cut the outline of the seal out on something rubber, maybe a gasket making kit, or just an old tire inner tube or something. If this doesn't work, go back to his house after it's dark and pull the old switcheroo. Good luck.


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I would not use rubber, It would probably swell up. You should be able to get the right replacement at the dealer, I have seen them on the help board at the auto parts (like said)<br>Question. Why do you change your fuel filter so ofter. I change mine like ever 15k on my quadra bogger, every 25k on my fuel injected truck. that is what I usally recommended to my customers.<br>Good Luck.

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