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Discussion in 'Commercial Snow Removal' started by Rufur, Jan 25, 2001.

  1. Rufur

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    Theres a car wash here that gets a tremendous buildup of ice in front of the bays cars usually leave this place sideways...I was wondering if anybody knows of a solution for this ice would magic be good? the crew who runs the place throw rock salt on during the day but at night it gets icy
  2. Winterworks

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    Unless drainage in front of the bays is poor, Magic or enough regular salt will keep it clear. Key word is "enough". Throwing out some salt by hand during the day is not enough. One slow pass with a spreader opened up wide will do it.
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    We have the same problem here with a car wash we do,and the owner will not take salt,as the customers have complained their cars get dirty before they leave the lot.We just tried spraying liquid Magic (using a pump sprayer,with orifice removed) and it seems to be working.It will still build up ice,but you can break it up very easily.We just started this yesterday,so we will have to see how it works over time,but so far so good.
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    my dad owns a car wash and the best thing that guy could do would be to put mat heaters in. it melts before the ice even freezes.