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Does anyone have any suggestions on car alarms? I am contemplating this as a Christmas gift for my Dad's '95 Suburban. My mother is always afraid that when they are out, it will get stolen. He has a Truck Club now, but was thinking of something else (passive) to ease my Mothers mind. He has a lot of money put into this Truck, and I'd hate to see someone else realize this and take it! It was a $35,000 truck in '95, but they are up to $40,000 now. Plus, I want to inherit this when he gets too old to drive it!!! LOL

What are the pros and cons of the different types. Anyone have LoJack?? I heard from cops that they dont usually bother when the call comes in for a LoJack search.

Thanks guys.


lojack is a good thing to have but full coverage insurance is the best if a professional theif steals that sub you wont ever see it again.

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An alarm might keep the joy riders out but not real thieves. They laugh at alarms & go right through or around them if they really want the vehicle. I agree with 4X4 about the full coverage. LoJack is great in the cities where the cops seriously use it or have the computer set up (many don't have it so it doesn't do anything in their town) Good luck.


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If he has a lot of money he ought to think about having the Onstar system installed at your local dealer. If the truck is ever stolen you just call them & they can shut the fuel & spark off via sattelite & they can also pinpoint the location of the vehicle within 100ft. & notify police. All within a matter of seconds. There are also a lot of other really nice features as well. No other alarm system can come close to what the Onstar can do.


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I had an alarm put on my truck this last summer, after I bought a new wing window and lost my CD collection. The alarm saved my stereo a couple times in the first week I owned it. I doubt it would have stopped a real car theif, but it kept my investment put. I had a Clifford model cl-who-the-hell-knows-what but it was a low end one. About $350 installed. I went camping the first night I had it back from the stereo shop after the alarm was in, and had girlfriend's dad (ex-marine, state trooper) keep an eye on it. Alarm went off at 1:30 am, the keeper of the truck met them with the flood lights, followed by a yell and promise that the .40 S&W system supliment system was about to start barking. I guess you've never seen punks run that fast. Alarm won't help if you're not within ear shot though. They also make a pager that will go off when the alarm does for about a hundred bucks extra. Good luck.


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Alarm systems

One of my first "sunday cruise cars " was an 83 El camino SS that I had to keep parked outside, well you know how that goes , you have a nice car and somebody will be more than happy to vandalize it for you . After replacing the otherwise brand new goodyear eagles that were slashed with four that werent slashed I put an alarm system on it. It was a pager only alarm , no siren , just the pager .Well about 3 nights later the pager went off I snuck around back and greeted my vandalizer , it wasnt a fair fight , my baseball bat had much more reach than his icepick.Now the best part is the guy USED to be a carpenter he was in his 40s and after I beat the resistance out of him ,he told me his reason for vandalizing my El camino was that the pipes were too loud . thats it , the only reason , he didnt like my mufflers.He hasnt swung a hammer since that night , he threatened to call the police....I told him go ahead, I caught him in my car , be my guest , Ill even dial the phone for you since you cant !!!!!!.I wish you the same luck with your vandals go for the pager only system , this guy ruined his career cause he didnt like my mufflers....Geez I wonder if he still thinks it was worth it ??????


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