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I was wondering what the fuel tank capacity and oil capacity would be for a stock 1984 K10 w/250 Inline Six. I think the fuel tank holds around 16 to 18 gallons? Thanks.

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I believe fuel tank capacities are 16 gallons for shortbox and 20 gallons for longbox, a GM manual (for '70's trucks) states the oil capacity without filter is 5 quarts for a 292 L6, 4 quarts for all other engines. The filter itself holds 1 quart, so 5 quarts of oil total for that 250 L6 is correct - you 'ain't mistaken Motoman! :D


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maybe my tanks have been swapped out but i think both my longbed and shortbed hold 16gallons(saddle tanks)... (I've run out of gas before in both :rolleyes:)

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It's possible 85..... The short beds have the 16 gallon, and the long beds have the 20 gallon. You can put a 16 on a long bed, but you can't put a 20 on a short bed.


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