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can't get into 4x4 low

Discussion in 'Truck & Equipment Repair' started by 96f250, Mar 18, 2007.

  1. 96f250

    96f250 Member
    Messages: 31

    I've been having trouble getting my truck in and out of 4 wheel drive and i cant get it at all into 4low. The truck when i bought had sat around a construction garage lot for a year and a half. Could the t-case be like frozen like from not being shifting at all for so long:confused:
  2. daninline

    daninline Senior Member
    Messages: 430

    did you push down on the 4x4 shifter to put it into 4 low?
    Also did you have in N mine will only go into 4 low in N not moving.
  3. DaySpring Services

    DaySpring Services PlowSite.com Addict
    Messages: 1,065

    On Dodges you have to put the tranny in neutral and slowly roll while you shift the transfer case into 4 low.
  4. jdanforth

    jdanforth Member
    from maine
    Messages: 41

    ihad the same problem in my 93 f250,it also sat before i bought it.I had to replace the shifter,go to a junkyard and find one that is not froze up.you can also try soaking the one in the truck with pb blaster or some other kind of penetrateing oil.One other thing,make sure truck is in neutral and once you have it in 4 hi i beleive you have to push either up or down and pull back to get in 4 low,not sure which one but I thought my transfer was gone until i figured it out. good luck.The shifter from ford is 150.00,thats why i suggest junkyard.
  5. Ggg6

    Ggg6 Senior Member
    from IL
    Messages: 521

    What kind of truck are we even talking about?
  6. AbsoluteH&L

    AbsoluteH&L Senior Member
    Messages: 573

    Definitely the shifter! The shifter in the truck is steel, below that boot it goes into an aluminum part. It is spring loaded and should go up and down about 1/2" . 2H-4H pull back, 4H-N push down then pull back & stop at detente, N-4L pull back. When pushing back to N as soon as you relive pressure on the shifter it should pop back up. THE PROBLEM :yow!: Rust & corrosion. The shifter seizes up and wont go up and down if not used often. As jdanforth said soak it with PB, WD, Thrust, Fluid Film (never tried the stuff waiting for my can),Coca-cola, you can p!ss on for all I care. You will still likely need to beat the sh!t out of it with a BFH:realmad: Just take it easy on the aluminum part under there. Better to have only high range than to break it and have no shifter at all.:cry:
  7. MickiRig1

    MickiRig1 PlowSite Veteran
    Messages: 3,617

    When I had my transmission rebuilt they took off the shifter and soaked it in cleaner tank for 24 hours. They got it freed up,make sure it's bolts are all tight. Like they said above you can spray it with PB Blaster / WD40 etc for a few days and have an assistant move the lever as you do it. Don't force it too hard, a transfer case cost's as much as some transmission jobs. If you have not done it yet change the fluid in the transfer case.